What is a Comic Pull List?

The term "comics pull list" is thrown around a lot, but what are they, how do they work, how do you set one up, and what are the pros and cons of a comic pull list?

The Comics Pull List Defined

A comics pull list is a list of comics that a comic collector would like to buy every time the title is released. A comics store will set up a pull list (sometimes called a “pull file” a “pull box” or a subscription list) for you, and pull that title every time it is released.

For example, if you never want to miss an issue of Amazing Spider-Man, you could add Amazing Spider-Man to your pull list, and get every issue of Amazing Spider-Man.

What will I get with my Pull List?

A pull list begins with the next available issue. If you subscribe to Amazing Spider-Man you will get the next issue in the series. A pull list does not include previous issues. Pull lists also include the annuals for the title unless you specifically ask not to get them. The reason for this is that usually Annuals carry on a storyline in the current book. A pull list will not include crossovers unless you specifically ask for them.

Who Uses a Comic Pull List?

Pull lists are used by both the store owner and the customer. For the customer it’s a great checklist for what they’re reading, and lets them know that no matter how popular a title will get, they’re guaranteed a copy of it.

For the store owner, knowing who gets what helps to simplify ordering, and gives them a good gauge for how many copies they need to order.

In recent years, many publishers are printing only enough copies to fulfill “initial orders”, so if a store doesn’t know how many copies they need based off of their pull lists, they

What are the Pros and Cons of a Comic Pull List?

Advantages of having a comic pull list

  • Never miss an issue! No matter how popular a title gets, you can be sure that you’ll get a copy of it.
  • It helps your local shop with their orders, and ensures a base level of sales every month.
  • Some retailers will offer discounts for pull lists (check with your shop for details)

Disadvantages of having a comic pull list

  • Some stores ask you to commit to a minimum number of titles to start a pull list
  • You are making a commitment to buy the comics in your pull list. If you decide not to, your list could be cancelled
  • You’re committing to a title even if it’s a fill in issue, or not part of the regular story
  • You may need to give your store some notice before adding or dropping a title. Orders are made three weeks before release date.

How to Make a Pull List

Making a comics pull list is easy, just create a list of the comics you want to buy every month, and take it in to your local comic store (you can see a list of all comic titles on theĀ Manage Comics Example Shop – All Titles page). If your store uses Manage Comics, you can enter your list directly on their Manage Comics shop (see our Manage Comics Store Locations to find a store in your area).

How does Manage Comics help with Pull Lists?

For Customers

You’ll have access to your pull list any time of the day, add, drop, modify quantities, whatever you’d like to do all online. You can also opt in to get pull list emails whenever your titles are pulled, and some stores will even let you pre-pay for your comics so all you have to do is drop in and pick up your books.

For Store Owners

Manage Comics makes managing your customers’ pull lists incredibly simple. First, you get to set how soon a new title can be pulled or not pulled once it is added to a list (to account for the lag in ordering time). You get an email every day saying what has been adjusted to customer lists, and every Sunday you get a recap email for all of the changes from the week.

We also make your initial orders dead simple! You can download an initial order file and upload it right to Diamond to pre-populate your orders.

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