All About the Manage Comics / BinderPOS Team Up

BinderPOS and Manage Comics together provide you with powerful tools to help you manage and grow your hobby store, unlocking profits that you didn't know possible.

Manage Comics and BinderPOS combine to make your Hobby Shop more profits.

Comics represent a unique and powerful opportunity for any hobby store, a recurring subscription product that customers will seek you out for. The problem is, what do you order? How many copies do you need? How do you make sure you’re not losing profit by having unsold inventory stuck on your shelves?

Enter Manage Comics – with our solution, your customers have accounts on your store, telling you exactly what they want. Their committment to ongoing issues means your ordering is super simple, and Manage Comics has tools to ensure you can order the right product, from the right distributor.

Worried about getting stuck with comics from a customer? Your customers can pre-authorize their credit cards so that you can automatically invoice them for their comics!

You Get POS, Shopify, and Powerful Comics Management

Together BinderPOS and Manage Comics combined provide you with a complete end-to-end solution that incorporates Point of Sale system, a Shopify powered website, and comics management for ongoing subscriptions.

In short, your shop gains super powers!


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Manage Comics Simplifes Comic Subscription

Manage Comics simplifies comic subscriptions. Your customers can quickly and easily add new comics to their lists as soon as they learn about them, while store owners can manage ongoing subscriptions, easily process their weekly pull process, and even invoice customers right through Manage Comics to get paid quickly.

Plus, we handle all of the nasty data on the back end – normalizing product information from multiple vendors and streamlining it into one simple system.

We take the hard work away from you so that you can do the fun stuff – sell more comics!


Customers Manage Their Own Lists

Your customers have access to a fully mobile responsive website that lets them manage their own subscription lists!

Simple Special Orders

Customers can create a special order for any upcoming product that is in our database of over 3500 new products per month! Whether it’s an upcoming single issue, or an awesome new statue, they can order it right through you!


Easy Weekly Pulls

Every week when new comics come in, you have a simple process for selecting what was released, what you got in, and who gets what. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes!

Marketing Help from Actual Marketers!

We write amazing emails that are sent on your behalf spotlighting all of the new releases on your Manage Comics site. This email encourages subscriptions, and results in a virtual tsunami of new subscriptions…because we’re marketers at heart!

Streamlined Ordering Process

Ordering from distributors is a hassle, but we make it virtually pain free by providing you with Final Order Cutoff information, as well as initial order upload files. Ordering goes from a massive time sink, to something that can be done in minutes.

World Class Support

Not only do we have a spectacular help section that shows you everything you could ever want to know, but we’ve also got an online helpdesk that will get you answers faster than you thought possible!

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How does Manage Comics work with BinderPOS?

BinderPOS handles games, we handle comics. Our upcoming Shopify integration will allow us to quickly and simply create new products on your Shopify store, which will sync up to BinderPOS.

Every week when your invoice comes in, we’ll quietly fetch all of the information you need, in the format you need it in, resize your images, and upload everything straight to your Shopify site.

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