Shopify for Comic Shops

You need to be able to sell anytime, anywhere, and a Manage Comics Shopify website can make that happen.

Shopify is a Powerful Web Store

In today’s economy, your store needs to be open 24/7, your products need to be available whenever, and wherever your customers are, Shopify allows you to be making money while tucked snugly in your bed, no matter where your customer may be.

Shopify is quickly powering some of the biggest brands in retail, with websites that are optimized to increase sales “out of the box”, and have a ton of impressive features.

You’ll be able to build a customer database, and re-market to people who have purchased from you before, creating return customers. Sell across multiple channels including Facebook, Google Shopping, eBay, and more, and manage your sales from one central interface.

Shopify with Meditation
Shopify with Tap and Chip

POS Integration

Shopify Point of Sale allows you to manage your sales.

A simple (POS) system with dedicated back office reports will help you combine your in-store product with your website product, which will sync up your inventory in both places.  Choose a hybrid system where you have product available through both platforms, or create dedicated online and offline stock.

Manage Comics makes Shopify even Better!

Your Manage Comics system will allow you to sell comic subscriptions to your customers, creating recurring revenue.

Manage Comics also has a full product database that allows you to import invoices from select distributors and generate Shopify imports that will get your products up on your store quickly and efficiently (Imports coming in mid August).

Shopify for Heroes

What You Get:

A customer facing website

Your store needs always be available for those 3am impulse purchases! Your Shopify website is always there, ready to sell the latest issue of the Fantastic Forbush Man to anyone looking for it!

Point of Sale for In Store Purchases

Combine your Shopify website with the Shopify POS for an awesome hybrid retail solution. You’ll be a retail superhero, and your POS can be run on the hardware you likely already have!

Powerful Marketing Tools

Abandoned shopping carts, after sale follow up, promotions, and much more can all be handled from your Shopify website

Customer Database

Create repeat customers and market to folks who have purchased from you before to keep your business healthy and turn your shop into. a destination!

Simple Credit and Debit Card Processing

Shopify connects to Stripe for credit card processing, but can also be used offline with the Shopify Chip and Card reader allowing touchless Chip and Pin credit and debit card transactions.

A Product Library to Simplify Imports

Manually entering all products into a POS is painful. With Manage Comics you can import from a growing collection of over half a million products) – COMING SOON.

Custom Additions

Exactly what you need, custom built for you
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  • Custom Apps
  • Custom categorization
  • Third Party analytics setup
  • Abandoned Cart automation
  • Marketing automation
  • Custom loading of products
  • POS Integration
  • More
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How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Online Store

In today's climate, just putting things on your website isn't enough to get people to buy. You need to market your goods in order to sell them, but marketing doesn't have to mean paid ads, with many people spending much more time online, and with simple, integrated tools, you can market your products to an eager audience that's interested in the things you are selling.  In this post we're going to look at marketing your products on Instagram.

Use Instagram for your Comic Shop
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The Dollars and Cents of Adding an Online Store

If you own or manage a brick-and-mortar comic store in the era of a global pandemic, chances are you've been considering opening an online store. It's an essential way to keep your business running if there's another COVID-19 lockdown. Maybe you're hesitant to add an online store because you're not that tech-savvy. Here's what you need to know about the financial aspect of opening an online location, along with some considerations and warnings.

Websites from Shopify

Want even more power? Check out BinderPOS

Manage Comics combined with BinderPOS will give you super-powers.

BinderPOS combines a Shopify store, with a Point of Sale system that is fine tuned for card trading. If your store does good business in CCG’s, you should look into BinderPOS.

BinderPOS Kiosk

Event management

Create and manage events complete with ticketing and full scheduling information. BinderPOS makes managing your own events easier than ever.

Card Trading

Turn your business into a CCG trading powerhouse with integrated buying and selling tools to improve your profiitability.

Credit Module

An internal and customer facing credit system lets your customers know how much they have to spend, and makes it easy to track transactions.

How Manage Comics Makes Your Store More Money

Learn about Manage Comics, find out how to improve your subscriptions and make more guaranteed money with your comic store today.

Do you sell comics? Do you manage Comics Pull Lists? Hold on a second!

Selling comics is harder than ever, extra stock is a problem, not having enough on hand is even worse. Ordering is a chore, and customers want to know what they’re getting right now. 

What if there was an easier way? Download this ebook and find out how to make more money with comic subscriptions.

This guide is everything you need to know to make more money with comics subscriptions and manage your customer’s subscriptions easily!

Make More Money With Comic Subscriptions