Shopify for Comic Stores

Why you need Shopify in your store

Sell anywhere, anytime to anyone!

Getting started with Shopify can seem confusing, we’ve built some simple resources to help you get started and to set you on your way.

Bob's Comics Mobile Website
Bob's Comics

Shopify is a powerful web store.

A modern shop needs to be open 24/7, your products need to be available whenever, and wherever your customers are, Shopify allows you to be making money while tucked snugly in your bed, no matter where your customer may be.

Shopify is quickly powering some of the biggest brands in retail, with websites that are optimized to increase sales “out of the box”, and have a ton of impressive features.

You’ll be able to build a customer database, and re-market to people who have purchased from you before, creating return customers. Sell across multiple channels including Facebook, Google Shopping, eBay, and more, and manage your sales from one central interface.

Bob's Comics

Option 1: You can do it yourself!

If you’re a DYI type, we’ve got good news!

Shopify is easy to use, and simple to configure. If you’d like to get started today, you can simply sign up for a free trial and get up to 3 months for only $1 on select plans.

You’ll have all of the tools you need to get online quickly, and start selling from your website.

Option 2: We can do it for you

Configuring a Shopify store looks easy, but doing it wrong can cost you money.

We build websites that convert as our business, that’s what Manage Comics’ parent company NorthIQ does. How do you know it works? You found this page.

We’ll apply the same thinking to your business, with our deep subject matter expertise in the comics and games industry, we’ll set up categorizations, we’ll configure your tags, and we’ll turn your website into a conversion powerhouse.

Hill City Comics Screen Capture

What you get if we do it for you:

  • Kick off meeting to figure out your exact needs.
  • Fully Configured Shopify Theme (Shopify Dawn theme)
  • Collections and Tag setup based on your products
  • Initial product uploads
  • 1 hour handoff meeting
  • Theme documentation
  • A full turnkey solution from people who have built websites for comic stores for 15 years!

Prices starting at $1600 USD per store

Need more help? We can also:

  • Set up premium theme
  • Set up and configure payment processing
  • Custom images and graphics
  • Build Custom Apps
  • Create Custom categorization
  • Install Third Party analytics setup
  • Implement Abandoned Cart automation
  • Create Custom Marketing automation
  • POS Integration
  • and much, much more

See some shops we built in action!

Wonderberry's Comics


Manage Comics was pleased to build out a Shopify store for Wonderberry’s, a new shop in Hawaii. Rennell and his team have taken the site and hit the ground running.

Shopify Theme: Dawn (included)

The Golden Age 1942

The Golden Age 1942

When David Laney wanted a new website for his business, he came to Manage Comics, we put together a great looking site, and taught him how to use it.

Premium Shopify Theme: Expanse (+ $350)

Ultimate Comics

Ultimate Comics - Fort Bragg

When Ultimate Comics decided to launch a new location on the Fort Bragg military base, they knew that Manage Comics was the team they needed to put together an awesome new website for them. Working on a tight deadline, the team delivered with flying colors!

Shopify Theme: Dawn (included)

Bob's Comics

Ivan and YourFactotum are Manage Comics Partners

Get your site made by the person who’s made over a dozen stores for Manage Comics, and who will make your shop look good. Reach out to Ivan to find out how to get started on your Shopify website.

What you get with Shopify and Manage Comics:

A Customer Facing Website

Your store needs always be available for those 3am impulse purchases! Your Shopify website is always there, ready to sell the latest issue of the Fantastic Forbush Man to anyone looking for it!

Point of Sale for In-Store Purchases

Combine your Shopify website with the Shopify POS for an awesome hybrid retail solution. You’ll be a retail superhero, and your POS can be run on the hardware you likely already have! Add the Manage Comics POS Order Helper for an even more seamless experience!

Powerful Marketing Tools

Abandoned shopping carts, after sale follow up, promotions, and much more can all be handled from your Shopify website

Customer Database

Create repeat customers and market to folks who have purchased from you before to keep your business healthy and turn your shop into. a destination!

Simple Credit and Debit card processing

With Shopify payments you’ll have great rates, and seamless transaction flows. Shopify payments can also be used offline with the Shopify Chip and Card reader allowing touchless Chip and Pin credit and debit card transactions.

A product library to simplify imports

Manually entering all products into a POS is painful. With Manage Comics you can import from a growing collection of over half a million products) .

Manage Comics makes Shopify even better!

Your Manage Comics system will allow you to sell comic subscriptions to your customers, creating recurring revenue.

Manage Comics also has a full product database that allows you to import invoices from select distributors and generate Shopify imports that will get your products up on your store quickly and efficiently.

Manage Comics worldwide
Bob's Comics

Need Custom Development? Manage Comics has partnered with StoreTasker

Founded in 2017, Storetasker has grown to be the leading marketplace for Shopify developers. In total we’ve worked with over 30,000 e-commerce brands and have interviewed over 5,000 Shopify developers to hand-select our community.

“Storetasker matches clients to a trusted Shopify Expert best fit for their project within a few hours.”

“Per-project pricing. Transparent, up-front quotes that save time and money. It’s free to get quotes and projects start at $75.”