Shopify POS is your Quickbooks POS Replacement

QuickBooks is discontinuing their point of sale system, and they have worked with Shopify to offer a Point of Sale option that integrates with QuickBooks Desktop Financial Software. Manage Comics works with Shopify POS to deliver the best option for Comic Shops.

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Shopify + Manage Comics is the perfect solution for comic shop owners!

Shopify POS is the perfect solution for comic shop owners looking to streamline their operations, keep track of inventory and customers, and grow their business. With its intuitive user interface and powerful features, Shopify POS is an excellent replacement for Quickbooks POS in comic shops.

For starters, Shopify POS allows store owners to easily manage their inventory with the Manage Comics feature. This intuitive tool helps store owners keep track of stock levels and customer preferences, giving them a real-time view of sales data and trends. With this information, you can easily adjust your stock levels to account for new issues or popular titles, ensuring that you’re always stocked with the comics customers are looking for.

Integration with Quickbooks Desktop Accounting Software makes it easy to stay on top of your finances. All sales and inventory data syncs automatically with your accounting software, giving you the insights you need to make informed decisions about pricing, promotions, and more.

Shopify POS gives comic shop owners all the tools they need to grow their business. From managing inventory and customers to integrating with Quickbooks, Shopify POS is the perfect solution for comic shop owners. Get started today and take your comic shop to the next level!

A customer facing website

Your store needs always be available for those 3am impulse purchases! Your Shopify website is always there, ready to sell the latest issue of the Fantastic Forbush Man to anyone looking for it!

Point of sale for in-store purchases

Combine your Shopify website with the Shopify POS for an awesome hybrid retail solution. You’ll be a retail superhero, and your POS can be run on the hardware you likely already have!

Powerful Marketing Tools

Abandoned shopping carts, after sale follow up, promotions, and much more can all be handled from your Shopify website

Customer Database

Create repeat customers and market to folks who have purchased from you before to keep your business healthy and turn your shop into. a destination!

Simple credit and debit card processing

Shopify connects to Stripe for credit card processing, but can also be used offline with the Shopify Chip and Card reader allowing touchless Chip and Pin credit and debit card transactions.

A product library to simplify imports

Manually entering all products into a POS is painful. With Manage Comics you can import from a growing collection of over half a million products) – COMING SOON.

Bob's Comics

Manage Comics makes Shopify even better!

Your Manage Comics system will allow you to sell comic subscriptions to your customers, creating recurring revenue.

Manage Comics also has a full product database that allows you to import invoices from select distributors and generate Shopify imports that will get your products up on your store quickly and efficiently.

Shopify is a powerful, hybrid platform

Bricks + Clicks is the way business is done, you get both an in-store point-of-sale with a completely syncced up online store, meaning your shop makes sales while you’re snug in bed!

Your sales are synchonized so you don’t sell the same product twice, and your brick-and-mortar products become powerful tools to get more people into your store, raising your shop’s profile, and getting more customers into your shop.

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