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Replace PreviewsWorld Pullbox

“There was great promise, but the follow through has been weak.”

That’s an exact quote one of our shops who was formerly using Pullbox said when we showed them Manage Comics, and we said this way back when we announced Why Manage Comics will ALWAYS be better than Pullbox.

Reviewing Pullbox, we found it confusing from a customer point of view, and that it worked great for the 5% of customers who wanted to figure out how it worked, but for 95% of the people, Pullbox is too hard to use.

What happens when something is too hard to use? People stop using it.

Manage Comics is simple, elegant, and helps you make more money. Period.

Bob's Comics Mobile Website

Manage Comics is part of your store, you’re not sending your customers off to a random distributor website.

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Manage Comics is simply a better solution!

Manage Comics doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of most of our competitors, but what we do offer is simple software that just makes sense. 

You don’t need a phone book sized manual, or dozens of hours of training.

The vast majority of Manage Comics shops never even talk to anyone at Manage Comics! Why? Because Manage Comics just works, and it just makes sense.

We’ve been around since 2015, and we’re the solution many stores world wide trust to manage their subscriptions.

We’re not like the other guys, we make it easier for your customers to subscribe to more comics through a dedicated website just for you!

Our tools give you more control, and you get powerful ordering tools which work with Diamond, Lunar, Penguin Random House, and Universal Distribution.

Manage Comics is on YOUR website

You aren’t sending your customers off to a 3rd party website, Manage Comics is part of your Shopify site, meaning your customers stay on YOUR site and buy other things!

Email Messaging

Manage Comics alerts your customers when new comics have been pulled for them, and you can add a message to their weekly emails. They know when new comics are added to your store, and you can send them special updates about things happening in-store.

Improved cashflow

Manage Comics has built in invoicing! You can bill your customers when books come in, and they can pay for their invoice online.

No more waiting and hoping someone comes in, simply invoice them and get paid immediately.

Information Management

You don’t have to worry about adding 3500 new products to your shop every month (only 300 which ever get ordered), Manage Comics handles the monthly catalogues, updates them multiple times a week with new solicitation info and images, and keeps everything up to date. When you’re ready to check in products, you can be assured the latest info is there.

List Management on-the-go

Shopify websites are natively mobile responsive, meaning your customers don’t need to download an app, or go out of their way to add new stuff, they visit the same website they do on a desktop, and add even more comics to their list.

Support that actually cares about you!

You’re not just another ticket, your needs are important. We have an incredible knowledge base (the best in the biz), and an active community of Manage Comics users who help each other. PLUS you’ve got a direct email to us, and we answer faster than humanly possible!

Change Notifications

When a new customer joins, places a special order, updates their list you get notifications about it! You’ll know what’s going on with your customers all the time.

Simplified Ordering

You’ll know exactly what you need to order, before you need to order it. Initial Orders, Final Order Cutoffs, we can build you reports for any type of ordering you need to do, from any of the major distributors, with more coming all the time.

Awesome Partnerships

We team up with companies like Shopify, Lunar, Penguin Random House and Universal distribution to make Manage Comics even more powerful. We’re key members of the COMET Standard, and we’re helping to make the entire industry better!