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It’s time to replace your aging infrastructure, and that old ComicSuite account should be the first to go.

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“ComicSuite just doesn’t meet our needs anymore.”

We’ve heard it from many stores. ComicSuite was a good offline tool when Diamond was the only game in town, but now that there’s other vendors, other distributors, and other considerations, ComicSuite can’t do everything.  This page will help you explore alternatives to ComicSuite, and show you how Manage Comics can be part of that change.

We’ve helped a number of stores break out of the ComicSuite infrastructure, porting their subscription customers over to Manage Comics and providing a better customer experience, not to mention a better store experience.

AND we’ll help you make more money too.

Get out of the dark
Manage Comics Example Shop POS

A Modern POS System

Your store needs a POS system that syncs up with your website, and also allows you to track your sales in ways that gets you more information.

Modern POS systems have those features built in. Shopify’s POS system works hand in hand with an online website to create a hybrid retail environment that allows you to continue making sales even when your store is closed. Imagine being open 24/7 and not having to staff the store all the time. That’s the power of hybrid retail.

If you sell Collectable Card Games singles like Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and others, we recommend our partners at BinderPOS who combine a state of the art POS system with an incredible Shopify powered webstore to create a super-powered solution.


Manage Comics Will Make You More Money with Comic Subscriptions

Manage Comics gives you a simple and elegant comics subscription tool that will help your store earn more money, while reducing overages. With Manage Comics, your customers control their own pull lists, they get notifications about new comics that have been added to the site, they know what was pulled for them, and they can even pay for their orders online.

You get super simple tools to pull new comics, message your customers, manage customer orders, and know what you need to order from which distributor. We handle all of the boring data work so that you can do the fun stuff – sell more comics!

We even put on our marketing capes and write a monthly email that results in new subscription sign ups from your existing customers, and we make pretty pictures that show your customers when the new comics have been added.

PLUS we’re always evolving Manage Comics, making it better, adding features, and helping you make your business more successful (just check out our blog which has hundreds of blog posts about making comic shops better).

Combined with the best help documentation for any system out there, and a dedicated help desk ticketing system that gets you answers in minutes, not days, weeks or months, and you can see why Manage Comics is the choice for some of the most successful stores in the world.

Manage Comics 2 is Part of your Online Store
Manage Comics Invoicing
Manage Comics Invoicing

What You Need:

A customer facing website

Your store needs to be open 24/7, and people need to be able to make purchases without leaving their homes. If you have a website that is in sync with your POS, this is possible

Point of Sale for In Store Purchases

When someone wants to make a purchase, your point of sale system should be able to capture their information, record their payment, and track your inventory. A modern POS system will do this for you.

Powerful Marketing Tools

Abandoned shopping carts, after sale follow up, promotions, and much more can all be handled from your point of sale system!

Customer Database

Knowing who bought from you previously will help you create repeat customers, and repeat customers are the most valuable commodity you can have. A customer database is essential to the ongoing health of your business.


Subscription Tools for Recurring Revenue

Comics are consistent in that they come out regularly. Knowing who wants what, and letting them know when it came in is key to keeping your business healthy. That’s where Manage Comics comes in.

Event management, Card trading

Our partner BinderPOS can simplify your event management, and turn your business into a CCG trading powerhouse with integrated buying and selling tools to improve your profiitability.

World Class Support

Help documents that actually solve problems, and support tickets that get answered quickly. Check and check!

Most problems are solved within an hour of you sending a ticket.


Simplified Ordering

We provide you tools to know exactly what you need to order, before you need to order it. From Initial Orders to Final Order Cutoffs you have reports for any of the major distributors, and we’re still adding more!

A Product Library to Simplify Imports

Manually entering all products into your POS is painful, a simple solution to import the products you have quickly is what you need. With Manage Comics you can import from a collection of over 400,000 curated and maintained products (and  our catalogue is growing).

Need a Shopify Website?  We can do that for you too.

Manage Comics has helped dozens of stores transition from ComicSuite over to Shopify, and we can help your store get it done quickly, and look good doing so. Get ready for a world of OmniChannel sales where your website makes you money while you sleep.


We can export your customers quickly and painlessly

We’ve done several exports from ComicSuite to Manage Comics, and we’ve got it down to a science.

Once we get your export from ComicSuite (don’t worry, we’ve got step-by-step instructions on how to export your customers and their subscriptions), we match them up with what’s in our system, identify all of the dead subscriptions…and there will be lots of them…and import only the active subscriptions for your customers.

You’ll get an accurate, clean view of what your customers are subscribed to, and know immediately what you need to order, and from which distributor (we generate initial order and Final Order Cutoff reports for you).

Best of all, your customers get a massive upgrade in their user experience, and they will reward you with new subscriptions and more comics ordered!

Another Satisfied Customer!

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