“ComicSuite just doesn’t meet our needs anymore.”

We’ve heard it from many stores. ComicSuite was a good offline tool when Diamond was the only game in town, but now that there’s other vendors, other distributors, and other considerations, ComicSuite can’t do everything. This page will help you explore alternatives to ComicSuite, and show you how Manage Comics can be part of that change.

We’ve helped a number of stores break out of the ComicSuite infrastructure, porting their subscription customers over to Manage Comics and providing a better customer experience, not to mention a better store experience.

AND we’ll help you make more money too.

Shopify POS

You need a modern POS.

Your store needs a POS system that syncs up with your website, and also allows you to track your sales in ways that gets you more information.

Modern POS systems have those features built in. Shopify’s POS system works hand in hand with an online website to create a hybrid retail environment that allows you to continue making sales even when your store is closed. Imagine being open 24/7 and not having to staff the store all the time. That’s the power of hybrid retail.

You sell games? We’ve got tons of games in our system, and we’re adding more all the time. Funko Pops, toys, cards, and so much more.

Manage Comics integrates with Shopify POS to streamline your comic, game, or hybrid hobby store’s inventory checkin and subscription management!

Manage Comics offers an efficient and customer-friendly solution for comic subscriptions.

Your customers will have greater control over their pull lists, enabling them to receive notifications about new additions, view their pulled comics, and even complete payments online. This enhanced customer autonomy not only streamlines the subscription process but also has the potential to increase your store’s revenue while minimizing excess inventory.

Additionally, Manage Comics provides you with straightforward tools for managing new comic pulls, communicating with customers, handling orders, and making informed decisions about distributor orders. The platform takes care of the tedious data management, freeing you to focus on what you do best: selling comics.

The Manage Comics platform is continuously evolving, adding new features and sharing insights through an extensive blog focused on enhancing comic shops.

With top-tier help documentation, a responsive help desk, and quick resolution times, Manage Comics stands out as a preferred choice for some of the most successful comic stores globally.

Manage Comics for Shopify
Subscriptions - part of your store!
Manage Comics for Shopify