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Publisher Tools

Help stores showcase your products

You want to get your products in front of fans, comic shops want to sell more comics, we see this as a match made in heaven.

Together with Manage Comics, we can help you reach more customers, those customers can actively add your items to their subscription lists, turning marketing into actionable subscriptions and pre-orders that will help you sell more copies.

We understand how important marketing is to you, and we that you have to provide metrics to your stakeholders. That’s why we believe it’s important that Manage Comics is able to provide you with measurable statistics that will show how much we helped you move the dial.

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Get in front of tens of thousands of customers

Manage Comics is on a steady path to growth, and continues adding thousands of end-customers every month as more shops come on board.

Manage Comics’ “Customers First” philosophy means that engaged comic fans will actually see your material.

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Our publisher tools are in development

We want to hear FROM YOU, what do you want to see from publisher tools? What would you like to be able to do, how could we provide you with more value and help you sell more comics?

Fill out our form below to help us develop the best publisher tools.

Publisher Tools in Development:

Publisher Highlights

Focus attention on the items you are spotlighting every month so that your new launches stand out from the crowd!

PDF Previews

Share previews of your items right on their series page, in context with the issue they’re meant to preview!

Ordering Trends

See ordering trends for your titles and get an aggregate look at how items are trending month over month. You’ll know when to ramp up marketing efforts when those marketing dollars can be put to best use!

Email snippets

Provide email snippets that stores can choose to include in their monthly solicitation emails or their weekly Last Call emails!

Provide Marketing Materials

Make information available for stores to use in their newsletters, blogs, and online presences, and know how those tools are performting with powerful reports.

Data Improvements

The team at Manage Comics believes better data will create a better comics industry. We believe in it so much that we dedicated hundreds of hours to co-writing the Comics Industry COMET Standard!

Friendly support

Need some help? Our dedicated team will respond QUICKLY to your email and hop on a call with you to solve any issues.

Partners who work with you

Manage Comics believes “A rising tide lifts all ships”, and we’re working to make the industry better. We’ll work with you to create publisher tools that work for the industry.

Easy to use tools

Manage Comics believes simplicity is an art form, and we make simple tools that help stores make money. We work with our partners to make our tools better!

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