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Manage Comics Transforms Your Shop

From customer management through the in-store checkout experience, Manage Comics is the best way for the modern comic shop to sell comics!

Marketing, online and offline sales, subscriptions, and more.

You don’t need a ton of training, a bunch of onboarding, or a whole lot of one-on-one handholding.

Manage Comics is a simple solution that just makes sense.

Bob of Bob's Comics

All About the Perfect Comic Shop Setup…

Download our Perfect Comic Shop Setup and learn how Manage Comics can help transform your shop into a Hybrid Retail Sales Machine that never closes.  We’ll show you how we can save you time, improve your ordering, make your customers happier and more engaged, and ultimately make you more money!

You’ll learn Bob’s story, how he uses Manage Comics in his shop, and how Manage Comics helps him run the perfect comic shop.

Manage Comics is Kind of a Big Deal!

Stores using Manage Comics

Active Customers using Manage Comics

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* Totals only include Manage Comics for Shopify numbers

You Will Shed Tears of Joy!

Prepare to shed tears of joy, my fellow comic retailers, for I have discovered the Infinity Gauntlet of comic management – and it goes by the name of Manage Comics!

With Manage Comics, managing our subscribers is as easy as pie – and believe me, I’ve eaten a lot of pie in my day.

The interface is smoother than a freshly waxed Batmobile, and the user experience is so intuitive, you would think that Jarvis himself is running the servers (I’m still not entirely sure that’s not actually the case).

A Keystone to our Move to Shopify!

Manage Comics has been a keystone in our move to Shopify sales and instrumental in streamlining our check-in process.

The support from Brian and the team has been top-notch and I really can’t believe it took us as long as it did to make the commitment. Now there’s no turning back.

From Brian’s weekly livestreams to the direct support, Manage Comics is a no-brainer that I would recommend to any comic shop looking to maximize their time as well as their online presence.

A Must Have App for Shopify!

I was hesitant to move over to Manage Comics since I was used to doing everything manually, but boy am I glad I did. This streamlines the ordering & invoicing process.

Pulling books & ordering items couldn’t be easier now. Plus now we have more time to manage the other parts of the business instead of messing around with monthly catalogs 24/7.

Brian is always available for questions & support. Moving to MC was fast & easy. One of the must-have apps if you sell comics on Shopify!


Manage Comics uses the power of Shopify to make selling comics easier than ever before. Our intuitive tools let you know who wants what, when they want it. Powers up subscriptions, and makes special orders simple.

Bob's Comics

Meet Bob’s Comics!

Bob has a busy store, managing comics has never been easier…because of Manage Comics!

Now he seamlessly creates distributor orders, manages his customer subscriptions, checks in weekly shipments, and cashes his customers out all with the help of Manage Comics!

Bob’s customers love Manage Comics!

In the dark days, Bob had to manage each customer’s pull lists, they’d hear about something cool and forget about it by the time they came into Bob’s shop.  Not anymore! With Manage Comics, Bob’s customers can manage THEIR OWN LISTS, and Bob gets notified of any updates that have been made!

Bob's Comics
Bob's Comics Mobile Website

Bob’s customers stay on his website!

Manage Comics is built right into Bob’s website, and every product page on his site has become a listing for comics subscriptions. Stock is synchronized between online and offline stock, and Bob can even select which items he shows on the site vs POS!

Bob knows there are other solutions that keep his customers on THEIR websites, but Bob knows that with the power of Shopify and Manage Comics he’s building his own equity and his Google search results are rising!

Bob is selling MORE comics!

Bob wanted to sell things on a website about as much as he wanted a mustard and cheese donut…which is to say NOT A WHOLE LOT!!!

Then Bob started noticing that folks were buying stuff from his store late at night, and not just this week’s books either, they were going DEEP in his stock. People were buying a graphic novel he had for 12 months, or a toy that was sitting around for 18 months.  He doesn’t even ship, they come right into his store to pick up…and often buy MORE things while they are there!

Bob says that his sales from his website were like adding a whole new location, without all the hassle.

Bob's Comics on a Laptop
Manage Comics Distributor

Manage Comics works with distributors to improve data!

We manage all of the product data so that you don’t have to.  We update our data multiple times a week, and every product is created on your website with all of the relevant titles, images, price and metadata.  You can add hundreds of new comics every week in seconds, and YOU are in control of what appears on YOUR website!

Customers Manage Their Subscriptions

Customers have an intuitive website that lets them manage their own subscriptions, adjust covers, and place special orders easily and efficiently.

Simple Special Orders

Quickly identify who requests what and inform them about their item costs or distributor availability, streamlining your order process.


Multi-Distributor Enabled

Effortlessly order through multi-distributor with Manage Comics. Auto-generate initial and Final Order Cutoff orders, tailored to your shelf and subscriber copy needs, eliminating guesswork.

5 Star Reviews

Manage Comics is LOVED by stores!

We’ve got more than a dozen 5 star reviews in the Shopify App Store, people rave about our ease of use, simplicity of the solution, and the impact Manage Comics has made on their shop!

See Manage Comics in Action on actual store sites!

Challengers Comics and Conversation

Absolutely frictionless way for your customers to buy and subscribe to comics.

We’ve been open for 14 years, and we’ve added more recurring customers in the last few weeks than we have over nearly any other similar period. On top of that, the team at Manage Comics is super-responsive to both bug reports and feature requests. It’s a constantly evolving platform guided by a knowledgeable team, based on a logical view of the comics retail landscape. You’re not the best comics shop you can be without an online subscription platform, and Manage Comics is a terrific solution.

Neighborhood Comics

Manage Comics makes our jobs as comic book retailers easier. Full stop.

Its integration with Shopify means that we can have a best-of-breed e-commerce experience AND empower existing and new customers to manage their subscriptions themselves. We know every comic shop is different. Manage Comics doesn’t force you to change the way you do business. Instead it exists as an additional tool for automation and growth. Brian and his team are responsive, courteous and dedicated to the platform and the direct market. Highly recommended.

The Manage Comics Blog

Manage Comics 2022 Survey Results

Manage Comics 2022 Survey Results

Back in October of 2022 we ran a survey with our Manage Comics customers where we asked their feedback on the state of Manage Comics, where they’d like us to go, and what we should focus on next.

In the survey we asked overall what people would like to see, and weighted what they would like to see.

Manage Comics turns 7 years old!

Manage Comics turns 7 years old!

Today, November 1st, Manage Comics celebrates 7 years.  In November 2015, we launched Manage Comics to the entire All New Comics subscription base (around 120 customers at the time), giving them better tools than they had before to manage their subscriptions, and creating a platform that would be able to bring on many more stores.

2022 Manage Comics Survey

2022 Manage Comics Survey

We have run surveys in 2019 and 2021 asking our Manage Comics customers about their experiences with the platform, and it’s time to ask you again what is it about Manage Comics you like, what do you dislike, and where would you like us to go next?