Featured Slides

How to add featured slides to your Manage Comics store

Featured Slides are a great way to add quick links to things that you want your customers to be aware of.

  • Want them to know about a new comic?  Create a featured slide!
  • Want them to know about an event at your store?  Try a featured slide.
  • Want to advertise something interesting?  Make a featured slide!

View Your Featured Slides

Navigate to Store > Store Featured Slides

Featured Slide Navigation - Help

This page shows you any featured slides you already have.

Featured Slide summary - Help

Each Featured slide has a Title, a caption (summary) a URL, whether it’s for logged out users only (for example if you want to have a marketing message around the subscription sign up process), a sort order (lower shows before higher numbers), an image preview, and buttons to view, edit, or delete your featured slide.

How to create a Featured Slide:

To create a new featured slide, click the “New” button on the top right hand corner.

Create a new featured slide - Help

Enter a title – the short title that will be shown at the top of the slide.

Enter a summary – a longer summary of words that will be used as the body of the slide

Enter a URL – where will the slide link to?

Enter a sort order – the lower the number, the closer to the front of the slide show it will appear (0 is first).

Add a picture.  Pictures should be 1140 x 380 for optimum size.

Displaying the most recent new comics:

First, go to “Recently Added” and change the date range to when your comics were added (within the past 7 days).  Make sure that you have both the start and end date.  Click “Choose Dates”. 

Copy the URL that is generated from your address bar, and paste it into the URL of the Featured Slide.

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