Billing Customers

How to invoice your customers for their orders

Invoicing your customers is simple with Manage Comics, sending invoices to your customers will get you paid fast.

  1. First, make sure you have a payment gateway hooked up.
  2. If you’re shipping your orders, ensure you have shipping set up properly.
  3. Finally, make sure that you’ve got your tax rates set.

Once those steps are checked, you can choose to either invoice a single order, or invoice a batch of orders at once.

Go to your Pulled Orders from the Orders menu, select Pulled Orders.

Pulled Orders menu

To invoice a single order:

Click on a single order to go to the order page, here you can edit the order and add new items to it.

Click the “Invoice Order” button.

To invoice a batch of orders:

Select the orders you would like to invoice with the check boxes (clicking the box at the top of the list will select all of the boxes).

Click the “Batch Actions” button, and click on “Invoice Selected”.

You’ll get a confirmation saying that the orders have been invoiced.

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