Tax Rates

Adding and Updating tax rates

Tax rates are easy to add and update with Manage Comics.

In the main menu, click on Store > Tax Rates

On the tax rates page, click the “New Tax Rate” button.

Select the province or state that the tax rate will apply for (Tax rates are based on the Province/State that the product is shipped to)

  • Create a name for the tax rate
  • Input a rate as a whole number.  Example: 5% would be 5, 13.5% would be 13.5
  • If the tax is to be compounded on top of other taxes, select the “compound” checkbox (this is rare)
  • If the tax should be added to any shipping charges, check the checkbox (in most cases this should be checked)
  • Select the product types that the tax rate applies to (consult your state or province tax regulations to see what products have tax exemptions).
  • Click the Create Tax Rate button.