Pull LIst Totals

How to know what you need to order from your comics distributor

The Current Customers Totals shows you what you need to have on hand, and what you currently need to order.  You’ll find Pull List Totals under the Pull Lists dropdown.

By default, titles are broken down alphabetically by publisher then by title. You can also change the sorting to sort by title exclusively.

QTY – this represents the number of copies you need to have in stock right now (ignoring FOC adds and drops)

Added – this is the number of copies that have been added during your FOC period

Deleted – this is the number of copies that have been dropped during your FOC period.

Total – This is the number of copies that you should order today in order to have enough copies when your FOC period ends.

The FOC period is available on your settings page.  We recommend setting this period at 21 days as it allows you enough time to get more copies of a comic in, or to cut back on orders.