Pre-Authorized Payments

Improve your cash flow with pre-authorized payments!

Requiring pre-authorized payments is a simple way to make sure that your cashflow stays stable, when new product comes in, you can immediately invoice for the products (see: Billing Customers) and get paid immediately via credit card payments*.

In order to enable this, we’ve added a new option to the Privacy Policy included with every store, if you enable pre-authorized credit card payments, a “Billing Policy” will now be added to your store.

Your Privacy Policy is found on the footer area of every page of your Manage Comics site.

*The pre-authorized payments feature requires the use of the Stripe Payment Gateway.

Enable Pre-Authorized Payments

Step 1: Edit your Store Settings

Navigate to Store > Store Settings, and then click “Payment types” to see the Payment types available.

Step 2: Enable Pre-Authorized Verification

NOTE: You need to have the Stripe Payment Gateway enabled for this feature to work, as Stripe allows us to pre-authorize a credit card for charges.

Checking “Enable Credit Card Verification” will allow you to request pre-authorization on your customers – this also adds the new Billing Policy to your Privacy Policy.

Checking “Require Credit Card Verification for New Customers” will add a step in the new customer onboarding process asking them to add a credit card for future processing.

You can also edit your billing policy here, we’ve provided some good default words, but you’re welcome to change this to whatever you would like.  This information will show up on your “Billing Policy” section of the Privacy Policy page.

Step 3: Bulk Require Authorization

Navigate to Customers, you’ll notice two new filters, “Not Required Pre-Authorization”, and “Pending Pre-Authorization”.

Choose either Active, or “Not Required Pre-Authorization” to bulk edit customers.

Click the check box next to any customers you want to require to pre-authorize their credit cards.

Click the Batch Actions button, and choose “Require Credit Card Verification for Selected”.

Optional: Edit a Customer directly to require credit card verification

Navigate to Customers > and click on a specific named customer (in this case we’re editing Ted Kord).

Click the checkbox next to “Require credit card verification” to enable pre-authorized verification.

Quickly see who has credit card verification.

On your customers page, any customer who has a background of yellow has had their credit card requested, anyone with a green background has had their credit card pre-authorized.

What’s next?

Now you can invoice your customers and immediately get paid (see Billing Customers).  What’s more, Manage Comics tracks everything and audits all sales with our Revenue Report and Sales Tax Summary reports.  Before you start billing, make sure you’ve set up your Tax Rates for your store.

Invoice pre-authorized customers.

On the Orders section, we’ve added a new filter to show you people who have pre-authorized credit cards. This lets you see who you can invoice and get paid immediately.

What Your Customers See:

Existing Customer – Pre-Authorized Payments Required

Existing customers will see a notice at the top of every page asking them to provide credit card information to continue their subscriptions. We also recommend that you send out an email to them letting them know about the new policy.

Email from the system

When you require pre-authorization on a customer, an email will be sent out to them letting them know about the change to their account.

Credit Card Verification

Clicking the button on the nag notice will take them to their account, and let them enter in a credit card for authorization.

New Customers:

Pre-Authorized Payments Additions

We give new customers plenty of notification about the pre-authorized credit card policy.  First off, before they even click the “I understand, let’s get started” button, they’ll see a big yellow “Billing Policy” notice.

We remind them again before they even enter in their email address!

Account not active until pre-authorization is complete

As the second step of the process, your new customer will need to add their credit card information in order to continue with the subscription system.