Pre-Authorized Credit Cards

Pre-Authorizing your customer’s credit cards lets you get paid as soon as you invoice an order.

Manage Comics gives you notifications of who has paid, tracks your taxes, revenue, and generates reports that you can use to track your accounting.

Getting set up is easy, and it’s easy to do whether your customer is in store, or online!

First, make sure that you’ve got Stripe set up as a payment processor.  Pre-authorized credit cards is a feature only available with Stripe.

From your store admin:

Go to your customers in the top navigation

Select the customer you want to edit.

Click “Pre-Authorized Payments” in the top right corner (if this is not available to you, you will need to set up Stripe as a payment processor).

Step 1 - Click Pre-Authorized Payments

On the pre-authorized payment screen, add your customer’s information. Manage Comics does not store credit card information, this information is saved securely on Stripe’s servers.

Add card information

The next time you invoice a customer who has pre-authorized credit card payments, they will immediately be charged for their purchases.

From the Customer Screens:

Your customers can also pre-authorize their credit card.

From their Manage Comics account, they just need to select “Pre-Authorized Payments”

Then they fill in their information, and hit save.

Now their orders will be invoiced as soon as they are billed!

On your dashboard, you will see paid orders that are ready to be shipped/picked up.

Click the checkbox next to the order which has been picked up/shipped.

Click “Mark selected as shipped”, and the orders are finalized.