Initial Order Report

How to generate an Initial Order report for Diamond, Lunar, or UCS

We have created a simple download tool which will let you upload an initial order file to Diamond to help you with your monthly order.

Create an Initial Order Report

Step 1: Select the Master Data File from our drop down list.  The most recent Master Data File is already selected. (figure 1).

Step 2: Generate a Report (figure 2)

Step 3: Review the Report,

This report is split in half.  All titles that are currently on the month’s master list will be shown above a line, anything that we can’t find a Diamond Code for will be below the split.

The split looks like this.

Note: When it comes to different covers, we automatically default to the first cover that is listed in Diamond for the title.

Step 4: If everything looks good, then click “Generate a Report” (Figure 4).

Now you’ve created an initial order report which you can upload to Diamond.