PRH - Final Order Cutoff

How to generate Final Order Cutoff information for Penguin Random House

Final Order Cutoff reports will let you upload a file from your distributor, adjust your numbers, and get a good overview of what you need to order.

Known issues with the current Penguin Random House files (we have raised these issues with PRH)

  • There is currently no individual store FOC file with quantity.
  • Their import system is additive, so when you upload to the FOC, you will be adding quantity.

Check with your distributor to find out when the final FOC file is ready, and ensure you have the final file before you upload to Manage Comics.

How to get the PRH FOC files from the Penguin Random-House website

Go to your Penguin Random-House Self Service portal, and go into a monthly catalogue. Click the download dropdown, and select  “FOC Title Data (.csv)” in the dropdown screen (as seen below).

Penguin Random House Step 1 

Another window will appear and you can select the FOC week that you’re looking for. You will see the upcoming 4 FOC dates, and all of the data is updated nightly.

PRH Step 2

 You can only have one FOC in progress at any time.

Go to the PRH FOC area on Manage Comics (make sure that you have properly configured your “Distributor Settings” previously.

Step 1: Download your FOC Weekly CSV file from PRH, and select “Choose File”.

Step 2: Your FOC details will populate on the page, and you’ll be able to sort, search, and update your quantities. The links in the Description column go through to the distributor pages for the individual comics.

You can also sort by any of the top rows, including vendor, adjustment date, and expected date.

You can sort by Vendor Name, Subscriptions, Item Number, and Description (as well as date, price, and cost).

When you have adjusted your quantities as needed, click save on the bottom, and download the report at the top.

Searching will let you look for a specific title, or even search by a date, price, or vendor.

Search the FOC

When you’re done adjusting all of your quantities, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save”.

Save will save the current results so that if you want to return to it later you will have your updates.