Add Payment Gateways

How to accept payments with Paypal, Stripe, and Square

Adding a payment gateway is easy with Manage Comics, we allow for three different payment gateways.

Manage Comics does not store your customers credit card data. All credit card data is stored on our third party partners, and allows your customers to be safe and secure knowing that their data is being stored by experts in credit card processing.  All of our processors are 100% PCI compliant.

PayPal – one of the most common payment types on the internet. PayPal is 100% safe and secure, and allows your customers to fund their accounts with either their bank or credit card balances.

Stripe – Is one of the most pre-eminent credit card processors in the world. They have reasonable fees (2.5%), and are very quick to clear your payments.

Square – One of the best in-store solutions also has an online version. You can use the same account you have for your regular transactions to process Square transactions.

To set up your payment processor, simply go to your Store page, and scroll down to the payment areas.