Add a New Product

How you can manage your store to add new products that are not in our database.

Sometimes there are items you want to offer that we don’t have in our database, when that happens, you can follow these simple instructions to add a new product.

Video Summary

From the products page, click “Add New Product”.

Choose the product type from the dropdown, this determines if it’s a comic, graphic novel, or anything else.  Tax rates are tied to this, so making sure this is correct is important (example, some stores have exemptions on Graphic Novels).

We have added the ability to search the Master Data files, you can easily add a product by Diamond Code, Lunar Code, or by title.  The search is based on exact title, so Diamond Code will be most accurate, but you may have to simplify to get something you need.

Once you find the product you’re looking for, click the select button to pre-populate the product fields.

Option 1: One Time Product

If the product is something that will only be pulled once (i.e. has a Series Code of “0”, or is something specific that you want to pull based off the Diamond or Lunar code), you will create a “One Time Product”.

Make sure the correct Product Category is selected, and that “One time Product” is checked.

Manage Comics will fetch the description, picture, and other details and pre-fill them for you.

Option 2: Recurring Series

If the product is a series (which has a series code other than “0”), you should change the name from the volume name to what you want the series displayed as.

Make sure the correct category is selected (Comics, Graphic Novels, etc), Manage Comics will provide the description and the image of the selected issue.

Once you are happy, click the Create Product button.

The product will be created, and you’ll be able to search it in your store.

Creating a Product From Scratch

If you want to add something not in our Master data files, that’s easy enough as well.

Give the product a name (the title you want it to be shown as).

Next choose the category (Publisher) from the list of publishers.  If the publisher is not listed, choose “Other Publishers”.

Add a description, this is usually the solicit information.

Add the price.

Mark it as “Active” (put a checkbox here)

You can add an image.  Images should be 500px wide by 750px tall.

Cut off Date is an optional field for FOC dates

Taxable, as long as this product is taxed, keep this checked

Discount exempt – if you do not want to offer your default discount

One time, if this is a one-shot or graphic novel, something you will only pull once.

Everything else is optional. I recommend entering the Diamond Code, as it will be used in some of our upcoming updates.

Click “Create Product” and you are done.