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Manage Comics Navigation

Manage Comics Navigation

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Advertise subscriptions in your store! – We’ve got a great printable PDF that you can download to explain how to access or set up an account on Manage Comics for your customers. – Get How to Advertise Your Manage Comics Subscriptions in Your Shop


Recent System Updates

System Updates
These bugs were made for stompin'
So many bugs stomped!

So many bugs stomped!

Manage Comics 2.0 just keeps getting better and better, we're constantly adding and improving the system, and we're finally at a place where the system has stabilized and the big bugs have been squashed.

We just released more than TWO DOZEN updates and fixes to Manage Comics 2.0 to address the things that we've heard from you during our first month live.  See the full list below, but here's the biggest highlights.

About Manage ComicsSystem Updates
Road Map Review and Update – Manage Comics Thoughtstream

Road Map Review and Update – Manage Comics Thoughtstream

This week on the Thoughtstream, we did a development update, showed what we're working on this week, what we'll be launching over the weekend, and what's up next.  We made some announcements about the launch date. We also talked about the October Previews that kind of came out of nowhere, did a deep dive into Shopify Storefront 2.0, and answered a few viewer questions.