Canada Digital Adoption Program

If you’re a business in Canada, you can get financial help to get your business online, improve your online presence, and compete better in the digital world.

Shopify Website
Digital Main Street

Digital Main Street

Ontario has a specific program called the “Digital Main Street” initiative, providing grants of $2500 to improve your online presence. We’re working with companies to use some of that money to revamp their Shopify store and improve their website specifically for comic shops, stretching that budget as far as it will go!

Shopify for your shop

Combine bricks + clicks to get your store online with Shopify. Manage Comics will provide all of the images, descriptions, and tagging for your products, getting them online and making your store more visible (Google loves gobbling up regular site updates such as new products).

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Shopify POS

Shopify POS synchronizes online and offline

With the Shopify POS, your online store gets updated the instant something sells in your brick and mortar shop, reducing refunds and improving customer satisfaction. You can also choose to put products online, or keep them limited to the POS. The point of sale is intuitive and easy to use for new employees and veterans alike.

Get Manage Comics for the best comic shop experience

With Manage Comics your customers can manage their own pull lists, and you get a powerful set of back-office tools that improves your ordering, makes check-ins a breeze, and help you get paid faster for the things your customers have reserved!

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Book a meeting, let’s figure out what’s next!

Book a meeting with me and we can go through the Digital Main Street options, look at some Shopify stores we’ve developed, and figure out what the next steps are.  You’ll leave the meeting with a clear plan on what to do next, and how Manage Comics can help modernize your shop.

Book a meeting with me!

The team transitioned my website to Shopify with a clear understanding of my business’ needs and personal vision. Great communication throughout and an even better than expected final product!

Dan Degnan Owner

Owner, South Side Comics

We moved from ComicHub to Manage Comics early in 2021. The update to Manage Comics 2.0 was a game changer! One thing I’d like to highlight is that Brian & team are super transparent about updates, fixes, and longer-term improvements. When they say, “We’re working on this,” I know that they mean it and we’ll see it. They listen to comic shops and have a really great sense of what comics shops need. They are also superstars at responding when any issue comes up!

Andréa Gilroy

Owner, Books With Pictures Eugene

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