Over the last few years, all industries have been trending towards selling online, and the comic book industry is no different. Are you looking to add online sales to your comic book shop, but you aren’t sure where to start? Getting into online selling can be a bit daunting, but if you arm yourself with a little knowledge, you’ll be ready to make your first sale in no time. Setting up your Shopify or Woocommerce store is just the first step in your journey.

How Should I Handle Shipping?

Shipping questions are some of the most common among new sellers online, and for good reason. You want to make sure your product arrives quickly and undamaged at its destination. But before you even think about putting your comics in the mail, you have to make sure they’re packaged correctly. Nothing is worse than receiving that issue that you’ve been desperately trying to get your hands on only to find that it’s been bent or damaged by the elements.

Always bag and board all comics before sending them out. This is the bare minimum for protecting them from being bent or damaged by moisture. And because comic bags don’t fully seal, adding an extra layer of defense in the form of a sealed plastic bag is even better. Package your comics in a box whenever possible, and if you must package them in an envelope, sandwiching the books between thick pieces of cardboard can further prevent bending.

When it comes to determining how much to charge for shipping, consider the price of the packaging you’re using, along with the time it takes you to package the order, and how much the actual shipping will cost you. Offering free shipping can entice customers, but it should only be offered on larger orders (i.e. orders larger than $50) so it doesn’t cut into your profits.

Also, keep in mind that shipping internationally can be quite expensive. Duties and taxes can all add up to a larger expense for you. These fees depend on what country you’re shipping to, so it’s best to read up on which countries are cheapest to ship to. For sellers in the US, shipping to Canada, the UK, and Australia is relatively easy because they have few import restrictions and because duties, taxes, and fees are relatively low.

How Will Customers Find Me?

One of the things that many first-time online sellers worry about is how customers will find them. Start by advertising your online sales to your current customers. It also doesn’t hurt to ask current customers for their email addresses so you can send out communications with the latest info on sales and deals. If you have a social media page, that’s a great way to spread the word as well. Be sure to include lots of great pictures of the comics you’re selling online! In addition, make sure to add your website to your Google business listing. That way, when customers search for your business, they will see that you have a website where they can shop. You can also offer current customers a coupon or a discount code for their first online order. Deals like this are a great way to get people interested in you’re selling.

We can help you make it happen!

Selling your comics online doesn’t have to be hard! In fact, it makes it easier for your customers because they don’t have to worry about traveling to your store to see your inventory and buy your comics. Now is a great time to get going with online sales, and all it takes is a little knowledge to get started. And if you’re interested in selling comic subscriptions online, find out how Manage Comics can help!  Get the Manage Comics guide to understanding more about selling comics subscriptions online.