Facebook can help you reach out to your customers and keep them engaged, what kinds of things should you feature on your Facebook page for your comic shop?

Did you know 71% of adult internet users are on Facebook?

In total, Facebook has over 1.96 billion active users around the globe. This makes it the most popular social media platform in the world. So, if you’re looking for ways to engage your comic book shop customers, start with Facebook.

However, simply having a Facebook and making long, random posts won’t get you far these days. The type of posts you make and when you make them are both critical factors to your success.

This article will look at some of the best ways you can use Facebook to your advantage. Keep reading to learn how to build stronger relationships with your customers on this robust social media platform!

Post Videos

Research shows that videos have a much greater organic reach than both photo and text posts.

One of the reasons why video is so effective is because it conveys emotion better than other mediums. Plus, the vast majority of people are either visual or auditory learners.

To produce video content, you can record video reviews or previews. Try to focus on one key topic per video, and don’t neglect the title. It’s important to grab the viewer’s attention early on.

Another Facebook feature you want to consider using for you comic book shop is live video. You can use live video for things such as Q&A sessions and quick tours of your store.

Post at the Right Time

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook posts, you need to post on the right days.

For starters, Thursdays and Fridays are the most active days of the week, so post at least twice a day on these two days. Try to make a few posts between Wednesday and Sunday as well. You don’t have to avoid Mondays and Tuesdays, but the start of the week gets many people bogged down.

When it comes to the time of day, you want to post between 9 AM to 3 PM for the most success. If you want to narrow it down, 1–3 PM is the most active time period of each day.

Also, the average attention span of a modern human is now only 8 seconds. To make matters worse, there are plenty of distractions on Facebook itself. Therefore, keep each post between 10 and 50 characters long.

Host Contests

Another great way to keep people engaged on Facebook is to hold contests. Contests provide extra incentives for customers to interact with you on social media.

You don’t necessarily have to give out big prizes either. Even smaller prizes such as t-shirts or posters will suffice.

Before designing a contest, make sure you look through Facebook’s guidelines. Next, come up with an eye-catching title, and put together some graphics.

The key to any successful contest is getting other people to share it. So, once you finish designing the contest, promote it like a madman. Don’t be afraid to share on other platforms as well, but always link them back to Facebook.

Using Facebook for Your Comic Book Shop

Facebook is a great tool for everything from promoting an event to hosting a contest. It has the widest reach of all social media platforms

Remember that the best times for posting on Facebook are 1–3 PM on Thursdays and Fridays. This is when the platform is most active.

Also, remember to post plenty of visual content. Features like Facebook Live help you get more personal.

Having a strong online presence is the key to running a successful comic book shop. If you’re looking to start offering an online subscription service, start with a free guide!