The world is a different place today than it was even a year ago.  We’ve seen a decade of attitudinal shifts in online commerce, phrases like “curbside pickup” and “click and collect” were rarely used in 2019, but in 2020 they became the norm.

Online shopping is here for good, and those who have embraced it have seen the benefits, while those who have resisted are continuing to suffer.  We’ve lost massive brands like ToysRUs, and pioneering companies like Sears which practically invented the catalogue market couldn’t make the transition to online.

New technologies continue to revolutionize the world. Social media has turned the world into one big global village. Businesses are now running social media marketing campaigns, and your comic store can benefit from such strategies. First, you’ll need to set up a sales point on Shopify.

Shopify is like a digital version of your physical comic store. Visitors can peruse the various comic books on sale and pick the ones to purchase without having to show up at your store. That’s one of the many reasons why it’s prudent to connect social channels to your Shopify store.

Setting Up Social Channels on Shopify

Connecting your Shopify store to your social media accounts means that you can promote your products across multiple platforms without leaving Shopify. To connect, you just navigate to the specific channel and “Add App.” Installation is free. The major social channels suitable for your Shopify comic store outlet include Facebook, Google Business, Instagram, and even Twitter.

You can share events on Facebook and create more awareness. With Google Business, you share your store’s physical location and open hours – some customers will want a real-life experience in your store. It also improves traffic from Google searches and enables you to track activity – like traffic and sales. Instagram, being a visual media, means that you can share photos and videos of your products and prove your worth. One good trick is associating with popular artists by sharing their content, mentioning them, and even hosting their events. You can also use Twitter to get the word out about your store.

How to connect your Social Channels on Shopify

The Google Channel – this app allows you to create Google shopping products, creating both free and paid campaigns across Google. This one is a must have as it opens you up to a ton of extra options quickly.

The Facebook Shopify App – This app will give you free and paid shopping products on Facebook and Instagram with very little setup and configuration.

Shoppable Instagram Gallery – This allows you to add Instagram galleries to your product pages, and showcase those products on Instagram with a one-click add to cart option.

Benefits of Using Social Sales Channels

Online purchases driven by social networks have become so popular that 1 in every 10 sales is a direct result of engagement with customers on social media platforms. That’s a whopping 10% of sales, and this percentage will continue to rise as more people embrace the convenience of online purchases. Social media platforms could help your comic store reach a wider, possibly global, market. To cultivate a good, loyal following, you can use a few tricks like running promotions, planning comic-related events, giving out freebies, and announcing new releases to keep your customers informed. This way, you can turn your following into a market base via such a carefully planned sales funnel that presents you as unique and likeable.

People are known to strike up interesting conversations on social media platforms especially when the topic appeals to the mass. Fans of comic books will engage in banters on your social media channels and create more interest in others. You could achieve this by simply sharing some interesting tidbits about various comic stories to elicit interest in them and fuel a conversation among your followers. You can also engage with the fans and find out what they like most so you can make improvements accordingly. This will lead to more sales.

Fine-Tuning Your Social Media Presence

You may have a nice Shopify store and attractive products, but you might miss out on great sales if you don’t commit to keeping your customers happy. One way to do that is to engage with customers on social networks.

  • Ask for feedback. This information comes in handy when crafting targeted promotions and other mass campaigns.
  • Act on complaints, suggestions, and requests.

This will work to quickly turn your following into a big, loyal community and turn the passive visitors into buyers. That’s exactly what you want.

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