Manage Comics is currently celebrating two years in business, we spent the first two years really fine-tuning and polishing the service, and in May of 2017 we started doing the first true marketing for the service. With Comixology’s recent announcement that they were discontinuing their Pull List service, we stepped up our game.

When we started our content marketing, we knew it would start to generate more interest, but that it would take about six months for any effort to bear fruit.

Here we are, six months later, and sure enough, we’re starting to get noticed.

Today we’re proud to announce five stores who are using the Manage Comics platform to manage their comic book subscriptions.

All New Comics

The Grandpappy of them all, and still Canada’s Biggest Online Comic Book Superstore! Peter of All New Comics has seen incredible growth, his customers are really tuned in to his site, and they regularly update their lists.

Every month 25% of his customers update their list within 24 hours of the monthly subscription email going out.

In November alone, his customers added 228 items to their pull lists!

Uncanny Comic Shop

Mike has an awesome shop in Clermont Florida (about 22 miles outside of Orlando), he’s been using Manage Comics for a couple of months now, and is starting to see the benefits of having your customer subscriptions online. We had some hiccups getting him onboarded, but we learned a ton from his experience, and have made massive improvements.

Off the Wagon Shop

Michelle’s quirky shop in Kent, Ohio started off as a joke and gag shop, but has evolved into a great comics shop, and has amazing five star reviews on Trip Advisor!

Michelle has been using Manage Comics for a couple of weeks and is looking forward to growing her subscriber base. We figured out a bunch of issues with onboarding when we brought Michelle onboard, and her entire process was pretty smooth.

AJ’s Comics

Pete of AJ’s Comics is a family friendly comics, Magic and Pokemon shop in Colchester, Connecticut. He comes to us by way of Comixology’s pull list app, and we’re still in the process of onboarding him, learning a lot about how to format customer records from the Pull List app.

We’re constantly learning new things, and figuring out new features that we need to add as we grow Manage Comics, but the foundation is there, and we now have a good group of customers to start building out features that work for everyone.

Have you tried Manage Comics yet?

Give us a shout and we’ll set you up with a demo of Manage Comics. I’ll share my computer screen with you, and you’ll see how incredibly easy managing subscriptions can be. Everyone who has seen Manage Comics has loved what they saw and quickly understood how they could make it work for them.

Even better, right now we’re offering a fully risk-free 60 day free trial. That’s right. Sign up with Manage Comics, we’ll import all of your customers and subscriptions into the system, and if you don’t love it in 60 days, you can just walk away from the system.