We’ve launched a brand new demo of Manage Comics 2.0. In this 17 minute presentation.

In this all new Amazing Manage Comics Demo, we walk through everything that’s new and improved in Manage Comics 2.0. We’ll look at the customer front end to see how a customer will subscribe to, or pre order a product. We’ll look at customer approvals, pre order approvals, adding new customers, removing customers, the pulls process, ordering, and much more!

The Manage Comics 2.0 Demo features:

  • The Customer Interface
  • Newly Added Products
  • Subscribing
  • Pre Ordering
  • Pre Order Approvals
  • Managing Customers
  • Pulls & Check Ins
  • Ordering
  • Reporting
  • Settings
  • Help

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What is the Manage Comics 2.0 Launch Date?

We have 2 weeks of development to get through the changes that we need to make to the system, we will also be putting everything through rigorous testing in that time, and our goal is to make sure the system is stable, running well, and error free.

We are also continuing to normalize our data behind the scenes, improving on Diamond’s data that they deliver, and integrating other distributors such as Lunar and Penguin Random House, all the while making sure all of their data works together.

Our goal right now is to have everything ready to go by the end of November 2021.  A full 3 months later than we had originally planned on launching.

Manage Comics 2.0 Requirements:

Some people want to know what are the pre-requisites for Manage Comics 2.0, so we’ve created a small checklist.


  • Shopify Web Store ($29 or $79 USD/month)
  • Customer List (we recommend at least 20 regular customers to make it worthwhile)
  • Accounts with Diamond and Lunar required, Penguin Random House recommended


  • Shopify POS ($29 or $79 USD/month) or Binder POS (starting at $129/month, includes Shopify account)
  • Shopify or BinderPOS Hardware

Migrating from Manage Comics 1.0 to Manage Comics 2.0

If you are a Manage Comics 1.0 user, we have an export feature to get content out of Manage Comics 1.0, and an import feature for Manage Comics 2.0.  If you’re interested in moving from 1.0 to 2.0, we’ll have a full upgrade path for you, and we’ll help you make the move (this is a free service).

Manage Comics Pricing:

Our pricing can always be found on the Manage Comics Pricing page. Manage Comics 2.0 is a Shopify App (Shopify’s term for a plugin that integrates directly with Shopify), and costs $80 USD/month.  Early next year we will be adding a pre-order prepayment system add on which will be an additional $15 USD/month, and will integrate tightly with Manage Comics.

This pricing is quite a bit different than our originally proposed pricing which was going to be based on usage.  We may revisit the usage features in the future depending on how much load we see and what our final hardware requirements end up being.