On Thursday July 8th at 3pm Eastern Time Manage Comics held our Manage Comics 2.0 Preview Webinar, over 50 people attended and were able to get their questions answered.

During the webinar, we talked about the decisions that went behind this new version of Manage Comics, how we feel the future of retail is Hybrid retail (combining online and offline sales), and how a multi-distributor world has led to us figuring out how to work with multiple distribution partners.

We showcased the front end which is now fully integrated with Shopify and is part of the overall Shopify web experience.  From a customer perspective, they stay on your website, they create an account on your website, and they log in through your website.  Everything is fully integrated with your store.  Even more importantly, every product that has a subscription associated with it now encourages your customers to subscribe to the series.

We also reviewed the admin area, looking at adding new subscriptions, generating orders, and building your weekly pull lists as well as how Manage Comics 2.0 generates draft orders and creates all of your products for your Shopify store!

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The Amazing Manage Comics 2.0 Announcement

We highly recommend you watch the video right on YouTube where you can see the live replay of the chat as well.