Manage Comics is always getting better. We put every penny that we earn from Manage Comics back into the business, which means we’re releasing at least one major update every month.

This month we looked hard at our recent Special Orders update and saw that there was plenty we could do to make it better. Here’s what we’ve updated.

We’ve made some significant improvements to Special Orders.

We added alerts, so that on top of your dashboard alert, you’ll see a daily email with all of your updates.

We heard that some special orders requests end up being multiple products. We’ve added the ability for you to order more than one item to a special order request.

We heard that sometimes you don’t have a special order product…so we created a “decline” option. This sends an email to your customer telling them that you can’t get the product, with the reason you specify.

We heard you say that you wanted to be able to create a special order from scratch…well now you can! Just choose a customer, enter a product, and boom, you’re done.

We heard that your customers want to know the status of a special order. Well, every time you approve a special order, they’ll get an email telling them that you’ve got their order, and it’s been added to their account, and it shows up on their home page with information!



That’s not all though, I’m really excited for our next major update.

Up next: We’re creating downloads for you to simplify ordering through Diamond. We’ll be creating FOC downloads for individual companies, as well as the monthly download file for your orders.

The first version of this will ready by the end of this week, and we’re going to test it out with a couple of stores before we send instructions for everyone.