Manage Comics 2.0 just keeps getting better and better, we’re constantly adding and improving the system, and we’re finally at a place where the system has stabilized and the big bugs have been squashed.

We just released more than TWO DOZEN updates and fixes to Manage Comics 2.0 to address the things that we’ve heard from you during our first month live.  See the full list below, but here’s the biggest highlights.

  • Completely revamped the way we handle series subscriptions / pre-orders.
  • Added “Terms of Subscription” for customers
  • Added Subscriber ID’s
  • Updated Receiving to separate damages from shortages
  • Updated Discount Rates, calculated discounts, and their displays them in admin
  • Revamped Initial Orders and FOC orders, added PRH as a FOC and Initial Order report
  • Improved the checkin process for items not in the Manage Comics database, and added PRH invoices

We have one last major change for this round, which is revamping the UI for subscription management in the Admin console which will be up in the next 24 hours.

Let’s look at some of the changes in depth!

Series Subscription / Pre Order Changes:

We made a tiny change to the Subscription button on existing products which makes them look 100% better.

Terms of Subscription box

First up is a brand new feature as requested by Miranda and Sam at Dreamers and Make Believers.  Terms of Subscription lets you add a terms statement that your customers will need to agree to before you start their subscription. You can change these terms in your Manage Comics Settings!

Terms and Conditions

Revamped Subscription Pages for Customers

We completely reworked all of the customer subscription pages based on feedback, simplifying them, and giving easier access to changing covers!

Subscribe to a Series

When a customer clicks on “Subscribe to Series”, they’ll see the next issue they can subscribe to, and the options in terms of which covers they can order (currently limited to A and B covers, but this will be changing soon).

They can also pre-order upcoming covers.

Clicking pre-order issue opens up the popup for the issue.

When this is all done, they’ll see the updates right on the product page!

On the My Subscriptions page, the customer will now see which issues they are subscribed to, and what books they’ll be getting in the future!

We think these changes really simplify subscriptions, while still unlocking the full power of the modern comic shop experience!

There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes to get our A, B, C, D, E, and other covers under control as well, which will be the next large scale change to the system once we get this wrapped up.

Here’s the full list of things we’ve done:

Bugs Squashed:

  • BUG: As a customer, Next Issues of comics should be shown numerically
  • BUG: TPB’s not showing up for subscription / pre-order
  • BUG: As a store who has many customers, I cannot search for a new customer
  • BUG: As a store, I want my draft orders to append each successive pull.
  • BUG: As a customer when I am on certain products, it shows me my subscription from other products
  • BUG: As a store in some cases I can’t upload Lunar invoices
  • BUG: Some products not showing up for October 2021
  • BUG: As a customer I should not see ADULT product on the front end

New Features Added:

  • As a store, I want to create initial orders with Penguin Random-House
  • As a store, I want to create an FOC report for PRH.
  • As a store, I want to change distributors for comics vs TPB’s
  • As a store, I want to be able to delete discount rates
  • As a store owner, I would like to see discounts on all of my customers
  • As a store with customer “Custom ID” numbers, I need to have the ID on my customer subscriptions
  • As a store, I want to know what customers are Manage Comics customers in Shopify
  • As a store, I want to know which customers have been disabled for Manage Comics in Shopify.
  • As a store using Shopify POS, I need ISBN + 5
  • As a store, I want to add a “Terms of Subscription” notification before someone begins a subscription
  • As a store, when I attempt to add details to items on my invoice that don’t get imported, the details are not pre-filled until I refresh.
  • As a store, I need to be able to receive a PRH shipment (add PRH invoices)
  • As a store, I want to be able to separate Shortages from Damages, and receive more than is indicated on the invoice.
  • As a customer I want to easily Subscribe to Single Issue, Subscribe to Series, Subscribe to Cover
  • As a customer, I would like to understand how to Add, Delete, QTY on My Subscriptions
  • As a store, I would like the “Subscribe to Series” button to be more visible.