Shopify emails are incredibly powerful, and can be very easy to use. In this live video presentation, we went through the step by step process of configuring an email, finding an audience, and sending that email out.

  1. We started out with Email Settings – how to configure your invoices so that they’re pretty in a few simple steps
  2. Set up the Shopify Email App – a few clicks and it’s done
  3. Configure an email template – step by step instructions on configuring emails
  4. Tags and tag usage – how to segment your audience
  5. Send an Email – what you need to do before you hit the send button
  6. Alternatives to Shopify Email – Mailchimp and Avada

This PDF breaks it down step-by-step with pictures!

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Thoughtstream Shopify Email”]

Watch the Shopify Email Tutorial Thoughtstream

We did a live video demonstration of how to set up and configure your emails in Shopify.