We’ve got a ton of updates we’re trying to crank out before the end of the year, but right now we’ve got a few cool ones that are ready to go.

Up first, we’ve added Shipping Dates on TPB’s.  For any item that is categorized as “Graphic Novels and Collections”, if they have an “Expected Ship Date”, we show it on the page now.

We’ve also added a couple of key improvements to the way that pull emails go out.

If you do your pulls Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, pull emails will now go out first thing Wednesday morning.  We’ve heard from many stores that customers get confused and think that their comics are ready for them the instant the email goes out.  This will prevent this from happening.

You will still get the store pull email shortly after you do your pulls.

We’ve also added the ability for you to add some comments to your pull emails. You can use this space to promote your store, to promote an event, or just send a thank you to your customers.

Here’s a brief video on these new enhancements!