The official launch of Manage Comics 2.0 is fast approaching, we talk about what you need for Manage Comics 2.0, what you need to do with Shopify to make Manage Comics 2.0 work. What a preferred setup looks like, what an ideal setup looks like, and how we integrate with our friends at BinderPOS.

  • What do you need to get started with Manage Comics 2.0
  • What are the minimum requirements?
  • What’s the ideal platform look like?
  • What kind of files can you import?
  • What is the migration path from 1.0 to 2.0
  • What is the current state of development?
  • What are the last steps before we launch?
  • What can you do to start getting ready today?

Manage Comics 2.0 is a Shopify app

  • $80/month, 7 day free trial
  • Built right into Shopify
  • Integrates with Shopify online store
  • Also connects to Shopify POS for new orders

Minimum Requirements:

  • You need a Shopify ecommerce store.
  • Shopify is a hosted e-commerce platform
  • Safe and secure, with high availability
  • Shopify hosts nearly 1 million stores in the United States
  • Shopify Basic: $29USD/month
  • Shopify Pro: $79USD/month
  • Shopify Pricing

Recommended System:

We recommend the Shopify POS or Binder POS

Our partners at BinderPOS

  • Great for stores who do significant CCG single sales
  • In addition to a POS system, you get a buy list, event management, credit module and a massive CCG singles database.
  • for more info and to book a meeting.

What if you don’t have Shopify right now?

If you want to do it yourself – get started with this Tutorial – Official Shopify Tutorial 2021

Getting Started with Shopify

  • You need an account, and a theme to get started.
  • We recommend vertical filtering on the collections pages.
  • You will need a product import (try to create products Diamond / Lunar from invoices)
  • Create menus, and collections before you get started on your theme.

Recommended themes:

Dawn – A modern and flexible theme designed to help you express your brand

Price is right (free)
Simplified admin interface

Top of page filters on collections
Extremely limited configuration

Expanse – A clean, versatile theme for large inventories

Highly configurable
Great setup options
Vertical filters on collections

A little bit complicated for a beginner
Documentation isn’t great

Warehouse – Designed to display and promote a large catalog of products

Very configurable
Good design features
Vertical filters on collections
Very fast

Takes some know how to configure.
Does not support filters out of the box.

Shopify POS Overview

Shopify is a powerful, intuitive Point of Sale system – Shopify POS Demonstration

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