Pre-authorized payments are one way that we’re helping comic shops manage their cashflow better.  We first introduced this feature back in 2019 as a way for customers to “set it and forget it” with their accounts, but many store owners wanted to be able to set specific customers to be required to add pre-authorized payments.

We set out to build a simple way to request pre-authorized payments, to set new customers to pre-authorization, and to easily track and see who is currently set up with pre-authorization.

Manage Comics uses Stripe to authorize credit card transactions, this means that it’s 100% safe for both you and the store, their credit card information is not stored on the Manage Comics servers, we merely get an authorization code that says whether or not their card is valid.

When a customer’s order comes in, you can easily invoice that order, get paid immediately, and track their sales using our easy reporting features.

This is just the first of a ton of really exciting updates for Manage Comics in 2021! The best really is best to come.

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