It’s the new year, and we’re looking back on what we did in 2018.  We posted quite 25 blog posts last year, but the vast majority of them were either system updates (4) or product updates (12).

In between those though we posted five that we think were really awesome.  We’d love to hear from you as well. What did you enjoy in 2018? What kinds of content should we focus on more in 2019?

How to Create a Customer Mailing List

A Step by Step guide to creating a customer mailing list

We like helping comic shops figure out ways to make more money. One of those is through some of the common marketing things that we do in our sister-company NorthIQ, where we build marketing projects for small, medium and large sized companies.

This is also one of my favourite features of Manage Comics, customers in Manage Comics can get marketing emails from their favourite store (in addition to regular pulled and billed emails).

The Benefits of Subscription Software

How Subscription Software Can Give Your Store An Advantage

We love talking about all of the features of Manage Comics, but benefits are what sells a product, not features. We looked at a bunch of reasons why subscription software can give your store an advantage.

The Best New Feature

New Feature: Pre-Filled Weekly Pulls

I love adding new features to Manage Comics, but of all the features we added, I think that the pre-filled pull lists is the coolest one. Before this feature, stores had to cross reference their list with a big long list on Manage Comics.  We now pre-fill the list with everything shipping this week. While it’s not 100% accurate, it gives stores a huge leg up, and it means that we can add Issue #’s and adjust prices when necessary.

A declaration of war

Why Manage Comics will ALWAYS be better than Diamond’s Pull Box

In February of 2018 Diamond Comics announced their own tool to replace Comixology’s Pull List. I was sad for about 12 hours and then I realized that I needed to just build something better than Diamond’s system. I’m a software guy first who has thought about this problem for 12 years. Diamond is a comics distributor, who sometimes has a hard time getting comics to comic stores.

This inspired me to write a column that was picked up by Bleeding Cool.  We got a good number of sign ups after that, and dedicated 2018 to making Manage Comics the best solution for comic shops.

The Manage Comics 2018 Road Map

Manage Comics 2018 Road Map

We’re currently working on an update to the Manage Comics Road Map, in 2018 we released this road map of enhancements, but not all of them got done, and we added an entire suite of projects.

In the meantime we revamped our road map and added all new features that we are working on.  The new project plan will be released later this month (after we go over it with our development partners at Code Elves).