We’ve got a bunch of new features for Manage Comics, with well over a half dozen new things added, including a feature we added just because of the insanity with Marvel’s new #1’s shipping while the old series are still running.

We’re Re-Using Titles Better than Ever!

This first one is huge. Marvel has recently decided to end series and start them a month or so later (See Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and Star Wars as examples), rather than creating a new title, and then deleting the old one, we like to reuse SKU’s where possible.

We’ve added a feature on our end so that these titles become the new title when it ships, and your customers don’t need to remember to delete the old Thor and add the new Thor.

Choose to have our monthly email sent out for you!

Now you can just click a single button, and when the Manage Comics email is done, it will be sent out to all of your customers for you automatically.

All you have to do is log in to Manage Comics, go to Settings > Store Settings.

Then check the box “Automatically Send Global Emails” and when a new email is done, it will get emailed out for you with links right to your new products in your store.

This email is the single most effective thing you can do for your store to get new subscriptions, and when combined with our Featured New Releases banner (which changes monthly when the new releases are updated), will get you more subscriptions…guaranteed!

Special Orders, now part of the Initial Order Update!

Processed special orders will now show up on your Initial Order Report! How is that for handy?

You don’t need to do anything to see this in action, all special orders for a period will be on the order for that period.  They still show up in Special Orders, and on the customer pull lists.

Initial Order Report

Subscriptions vs Pre-Ordering

Some customers were confused about the concept of “subscribing” to a single TPB or a one-shot comic. We’ve changed the button for TPB’s, Hardcovers, and any other one-time product to “Pre-Order”.

Creating Customers – Easier than Ever

When you’re creating a new customer, it should be easy. Enter a first name, last name, an email (optional, we know some people don’t have email addresses), and any other info like phone, address, etc. You don’t want to add a password…now you don’t have to!

Improvements to Pulls

We had requests from a few different stores to make some improvements to the way that your pulls were displaying, so we went ahead and did those changes.

We’ve added a section for “# of copies” if you sort your pulls by date by “Title” instead of customer name.

6 – BATMAN 82 (Batman) – $3.99
1 – Brian Garside – $3.59
1 – Clark Kent – $3.59
1 – Ted Kord – $3.59
1 – Peter Parker – $3.59
1 – Diana Prince – $3.59
1 – Bruce Wayne – $3.59

Pulls by Date is now available as a CSV file.

The downloadable CSV for pull lists totals now has the series code in it as well.

Improvements to Subscription Changes

Subscription changes used to only show things that had changed from your subscribers.  We now show you things that you’ve changed on subscription lists.  This means that at the end of the day, you’ll get an email on ALL subscription changes whether they were added in store, or online.

This will also let you know weekly exactly what happened with your subscriptions.

We hope you enjoy these changes, and as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.