We’ve added a couple of new features to Manage Comics that will make the admin side of the business better, a bunch of small quality of life improvements, and some tweaks to the customer side which will improve the search-ability of Manage Comics sites (making them show up more often for local searches).

New Admin Changes:

We updated Special Orders so that you can now select multiple special orders at once.

This gives you the ability to approve, or disapprove many orders at once.

If you approve the orders, you’ll get a warning saying that you are approving all of these orders as is with default discounts and SRP pricing.

If you disapprove the orders, they will all get the same disapproval message, so you don’t have to type it over and over again.

Multiple Approval for Special Orders

Pulls updates were also on our list of things to do.  We changed the initial pulls screen so that all “shipping this week” items show up at the top of the list (in alphabetical order), making it easier for you to ensure things that should be in your weekly invoice show up.

Order Pre-Pull

We’ve also added an optional Diamond Code screen after doing your pulls (for any titles that you choose outside of the current “shipping this week” list.

This will automatically add Issue #’s to any pulls you make out of cycle.

Add Diamond Codes

This step is optional, but will give your customers a better experience if you choose to do it.

One of the new improvements this allows us to offer is a CSV Data file which you can import into your POS system, or anything else you may need to do with it.

CSV Export of Weekly Pulls

Other admin changes:

On the Special Orders list we also added some new search abilities including searching by first name, last name, and custom ID.

Updated the special orders email so that it now has a link that goes right to your Special Order admin page.  Your dashboard link will also go to the pending Special Orders – because that just makes sense.

Front end changes:

We updated addresses at the footer of every page, this will help your site rank better locally, and will lead to more discovery.

Address at the bottom of pages.

We added login and register buttons to the product pages, this will help people get logged in quicker, and will encourage new registrations.

New Log In Options

Silly little changes:

We replaced our old logo with our new Robot friend – Pu11, who replaces the old domino mask.

He’s just a little change, but he’s a fun one. Our thinking is that a robot is a little more fun than a simple domino mask, and he better reflects

See our new updates in action