We’ve improved the Manage Comics pull system by adding special orders to the flow, this means that you’ll pull your regular pulls first, then do your special orders, and finally wrap up your special orders before confirming everything and generating your pull lists.

This new change will make pulling easier, and gets your special orders into the flow. Plus, since everything is using the “Weekly Shipping” file, your special orders will be pre-selected weekly.

The New Pulling Process

There are three steps to pulls, 1- pull regular titles, 2 – pull special orders, 3 – confirm.

*If you don’t have any active special orders, this becomes a 2 step process, 1 – pull regular titles, 3 – confirm.

Step 1: Pull regular orders

From the Pull Orders page, select the titles that have arrived in store.  Titles are sorted alphabetically (the same way they are sorted on your Diamond Invoice).

We preselect the titles based on the Diamond New Releases update.

Important: This is a “Best guess” from Diamond, a lot of things can happen from shortages, to schedule slippage, so it is important that you review the list, and check or uncheck things that actually shipped to your store this week.

Click the check box next to each title, titles that are on the New Releases list will be highlighted, pre-checked, and the prices are updated according to the price list on the Diamond Master File, you may still need to adjust the pricing as needed based on your invoice.  When you are done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Pull” button.

Pulls Step 1 - Weekly Pulls

Step 2 – Pull Special Orders

The next screen will show you your special orders.  Titles which shipped this week will show up highlighted and pre-selected, but you may also need to check other items that were delivered to your store that week.

Pulls Step 2 - Special Orders

Step 3 – confirm your orders

A confirmation page will be shown, which asks you to ensure that everything you want to be pulled is on the screen.

If it looks right, click the button labeled “Confirm Selection”  If items are missing, you can click “Modify Selection” and go back to the previous screen.

How to Pull Orders Step-by-step Video

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