We are constantly making little improvements to Manage Comics in addition to the big things that we do.  Our latest improvement just makes things better in general for mobile users.

When we added our Featured Images, we noticed that things looked really bad on mobile screens. Luckily Sean, or CSS Ninja got in there and really made that area sing. We use your primary colour as the background for this area, so it’s another way that your site will stand out when its seen in mobile.

While Sean was in there making some magic, he also tweaked all of the browse views so that when someone’s on mobile, they’ll see 2 items at once, which makes for less scrolling, and a way better experience.

These are just some little changes that we’re making as we gear up for a whole new Manage Comics experience in the fall. Right now we’re putting the building blocks in place to build some really amazing things this fall. Things like our brand new Point of Sale system, our full integration with Square’s POS, and if it works out, some awesome cross-pollination with Square’s web product “Weebly”. When we’re done you’ll have one solution that will work across your store, your website, and to manage your subscriptions!

When you pair that up with our awesome marketing that helps you to sell more comics, it makes Manage Comics the super powers that your store always needed.

Old and Busted Mobile Styles

Old and Busted Mobile Styles


The New Hotness Mobile Styles

The New Hotness Mobile Styles

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The Manage Comics you've heard about is getting a powerful makeover

Manage Comics has been around for more than five years, we've had a massive wishlist of changes that we've wanted to make, and we've spent the last six months making them.

Now we're about to unleash this all new, all awesome Manage Comics 2.0 on the world. We're calling it The Amazing Manage Comics.

We'll be launching in July 2021, but in the meantime, get in on the waitlist to see a sneak peek of Manage Comics 2.0, and be the first to learn about the new version.

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