We just released a brand new Manage Comics 2 Walkthrough that is a 22 minute demonstration of the power of this fully armed and operational battlestatio—err, sorry…shows the full power of Manage Comics 2 Subscriptions.

We start with the customer facing side of the system, walking through how Manage Comics 2 is a part of your Shopify store, and treats Shopify as the “System of Record” for things like customers, products, and orders.

We then move on to the system itself, going through a few Setup configurations, before jumping into customer lists, subscriptions, subscription cloning (this is a game changer), the powerful product check in system, allocating pulls to customers, invoicing, emails, initial orders, lions, tigers and bears OH MY!

We’re super happy about Manage Comics 2 Subscriptions, and we hope you love it as much as we do.