We are always making updates to Manage Comics, and we’ve made several tweaks, fixes and improvements this week which you will see the next time you log into Manage Comics.

A Fix for Pulled Items

When you pull items you’ll now see both the Revised title (with issue #), and the title that the customer subscribed to.  This fixes issues where a variant cover description wasn’t showing before.

Here it is in action:

New Global Featured Slides

We now have the ability to push global featured slides to you, starting this month you’ll see a featured slide which will highlight the new comics available for subscription on the main page of your store.  This month’s slide will look like this.

Local Pickup Default

This one is more of a bug, but if your location only offers local pickup, then local pickup will be set by default.

Delete an item from an Invoice

Cool new feature, you are now able to remove an item from an invoice, which makes tracking things a lot easier.

Create a Customer with No Email address

Finally, you are able to create a customer with no email address.  In the background it will still create an email address for them, but it’s one that we will never send an email to.  If they add an email address later, it’s simple for you to go in and update their address.

These are just the latest updates, but there are more on the way.  We’re improving Special Orders in a big bad way, generating FOC orders, building a Shipping this Week page, adding tiered discounts which will be available soon.

Our two big summer projects will be POS abilities, and Variant Cover enhancements.

Look for our full 2019 roadmap to see everything we are working on.