We’ve been talking to our customers one-on-one lately, and the biggest feature request we’ve heard is that the pull list system is too complicated.

Stores would like the ability to have the things that came out this week pre-selected.

We worked hard on this feature, and figured out the best way to do it would be to use the Diamond Weekly New Releases to pre-select everything that is supposed to ship that week.

We pre-select titles that are supposed to ship this week, update the description to reflect the issue #, and we update the price based on the current price.  This means that

This system isn’t perfect, as several things can go wrong.

  • The New Releases list isn’t always right
  • Titles can be missed in your shipment
  • Titles can be damaged in transit and not able to be pulled
  • Annuals still need to be pulled separately (Annuals are not part of a regular series from Diamond’s standpoint)

You can still manually pull titles on your own outside of the pre-selection by checking and unchecking, and you can still edit the price of anything.

This new feature is available now for all stores using Manage Comics.