We’ve added a new feature to simplify your weekly pulls.  Now in addition to the “Shipping this Week” method (which many of our retailer partners have told us is often not accurate), you can instead choose to upload your weekly invoices.

This also means that you can now pull your Lunar and UCS orders entirely separately from your Diamond orders.

How do I use the Invoice Upload feature?

On the weekly pulls page, you’ll choose “Invoice Upload” as the way you want to do your pulls.

In order to take advantage of this method, you’ll need to download your invoices from your distributors.

We support the following invoices:

  • Diamond CSV Invoices – go to the Diamond Comics retailer website and go to My Account > Invoices > View Recent Invoices. Choose Invoice (CSV) as the option.
  • Lunar Distribution, go to Account > Invoices, find the invoice you would like to download and select “ComicHub CSV” from the dropdown next to the invoice.
  • UCS Comic Distribution, go to Invoices, find the invoice and download the “Comic Hub CSV” format.

You can either upload two invoices (Diamond and either Lunar or UCS…please do not upload both Lunar and UCS as it may cause problems) at once, or do them one at a time.

New Pulls Process

Once you’ve uploaded your invoices, you’ll be presented with the selection page.  Please review this page closely, all of your items on your invoices are included, obviously there will be items you won’t want to include (such as reorders), and you will need to uncheck those items.

Confirm orders and uncheck reorders

Want to see invoice uploading in progress? Check out this awesome handy video to see the full process (and watch my snafu because I recorded this video at 11pm).

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