Happy new year! What’s new with us? Well, we’ve added another 100 more comics, trade paperbacks and hardcovers for subscription. DC brings us the Infinite Frontier, with new titles like Batman Urban Legends, Joker, Superman Red & Blue and much more. Image launches the new Scott Snyder series Nocterra. While Marvel brings us Alien and the wrap up of King in Black. All this and more comics shipping beginning March 2021 and beyond!

Spotlight Titles:


THE ICONIC CINEMATIC TERROR MAKES ITS MARVEL DEBUT!  Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Salvador Larroca team up to tell an all-new tale of the titan of horror and science fiction that has scared audiences for decades. No one is safe. No one is innocent. And no one can hear you scream. Parental Advisory

Infinite Frontier #0 (One Shot)

The next phase of the DC Universe begins here! Dark Knights: Death Metal presented the darkest threats of the Multiverse. DC Future State revealed what may lie ahead. Now its time to look into the Infinite Frontier of the current-day DC Universe.

Nocterra (Mature)

This March, legendary creators Scott Snyder and Tony Daniel unveil horrors beyond any shade in this extra-sized first issue.

Other Featured Previews:

Batman Urban Legends

Batman may be the biggest name in Gotham City, but there are lots of other heroesand villainswho will get a turn to shine in Batman: Urban Legends, a brand-new monthly series tying into the biggest events in Gotham City. The series begins with these cant-miss tales: Superstar writer Chip Zdarsky enters the world of Gotham City with celebrated Detective Comics and DC Future State.

Carnage Black White And Blood

CARNAGE RULES! Witness the cerebral chaos caused by CARNAGE, brought to life by some of the greatest creators at Marvel! But beware, True Believers, true to their titular character’s namesake, these spine-chilling tales are not for the faint of heart and presented in BLACK, WHITE AND BLOOD! Parental Advisory

Firefly Brand New Verse

Set 20 years after the events of Firefly, Serenity soars the ‘Verse once again with a new captain – Emma, the daughter of Wash and Zo! Josh Lee Gordon (Firefly: Bad Company) and Fabiana Mascolo (Yasmeen) begin a new era for Joss Whedon’s Firefly with First Appearances of an all new cast, new adventures and shocking new surprises!

James Bond Agent of SPECTRE

There’s a civil war brewing within SPECTRE. An upstart American member of the international criminal organization is attempting a coup, threatening to depose Ernst Stavro Blofeld. She’s on guard against Blofeld’s men, so to take her out, Blofeld recruits a wild card – James Bond!

Jonna And The Unpossible Monsters

Don’t miss the brand-new, original series written and drawn by Eisner-winner Chris Samnee! Filled with action, adventure… and monsters!


Following the events of Infinite Frontier #0, The Joker is the most wanted man in the world! But the Clown Prince of Crime is several steps ahead of law enforcementand hes on the run overseas. James Gordon, facing retirement, realizes this is the manhunt of his life and the last piece of a storied careerbut what mysterious and deadly forces are also in pursuit of The Joker?

Karmen (Mature)

Spanish writer and artist GUILLEM MARCH is best known for his ongoing, extensive work with DC Comics on Batman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn and has worked as an artist on several graphic novels including the English editions of Monika with Titan Comics and The Dream with Europe Comics.

Mystery Of The Meanest Teacher A Johnny Constantine Graphic Novel TPB

After angering a number of hostile spirits in England, 13-year-old magician Johnny Constantine has to find a way out of the country. Persuading his parents to send him to America, John arrives at the Junior Success Boarding School in Salem, Massachusetts. But once there, he finds himself to be something of an outcast. And he is convinced that his homeroom teacher really has it in for him.

Non-Stop Spider-Man

Finally, after months of delays, get ready for the most action-packed, pulse-pounding, adrenaline-pumping comic OF ALL TIME! As the name implies, once you read page one, panel one, SPIDER-MAN DOES NOT STOP! A mystery at Empire State University thrusts Spider-Man into an adventure that starts in uptown Manhattan and will take him around the world.

Orphan & Five Beasts

A brand-new kung-fu epic from James Stokoe, the creator behind Orc Stain and Aliens: Dead Orbit! Spurred on by her master’s dying words, the adopted warrior ‘Orphan Mo’ seeks to find and kill five former disciples who now threaten the land with corruption from their demonic powers.

Proctor Valley Road (Mature)

Perfect for fans of Paper Girls and Die, visionary writer Grant Morrison (Klaus), Alex Child (BBC’s Holby City) and Naomi Franquiz (Tales from Harrow County) present a chilling new horror series about the mysterious monsters that haunt Proctor Valley Road – and the four misfit teenagers who must stop them.

Vampirella Vs Purgatori

The unholy alliance you prayed would never happen! For countless generations, the fight between good and evil has been fought, as much behind the scenes as in plain view. Unbeknownst to the world at large, one force has stood as a safeguard against the potential triumph of evil and the unleashing of the apocalypse: The 36.

New Products:

ABLAZE – Maria Llovets Eros Psyche (Mature) – $5.35
AFTERSHOCK COMICS – Bequest – $6.69
AFTERSHOCK COMICS – Undone By Blood Other Side Of Eden – $6.69
ANTARCTIC PRESS – School Memories One Shot – $5.35
ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS – Archie 1000 Page Comics Delight TPB – $20.09
ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS – Betty & Veronica Friends Forever Spring Break – $4.01
ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS – World Of Archie TPB Vol 02 – $14.73
ARTISTS WRITERS & ARTISANS INC – American Ronin TPB – $13.39
COFFIN COMICS – Lady Death Malevolent Decimation (Mature) – $6.69
DARK HORSE COMICS – Orphan & Five Beasts – $5.35
DARK HORSE COMICS – Dragon Age Dark Fortress – $5.35
DC COMICS – Batman Adventures Riddle Me This TPB – $13.39
DC COMICS – Batman Creature Of The Night TPB – $26.79
DC COMICS – Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Iii TPB – $22.77
DC COMICS – Batman The Golden Age Omnibus Vol 09 Hardcover – $167.50
DC COMICS – Batman Urban Legends – $10.71
DC COMICS – Batman Who Laughs TPB – $26.79
DC COMICS – Crime Syndicate – $5.35
DC COMICS – Dark Nights Death Metal The Darkest Knight TPB – $26.79
DC COMICS – Dark Nights Death Metal The Multiverse Who Laughs TPB – $26.79
DC COMICS – DC Through The 80s The Experiments Hardcover – $66.99
DC COMICS – DCeased Dead Planet Hardcover – $40.19
DC COMICS – Event Leviathan TPB – $26.79
DC COMICS – Green Arrow Black Canary Till Death Do They Part TPB – $46.89
DC COMICS – Infinite Frontier #0 (One Shot) – $8.03
DC COMICS – Joker – $6.69
DC COMICS – Legion Of Super-Heroes Vol 2 Trial Of The Legion TPB – $22.77
DC COMICS – Metal Men Elements Of Change TPB – $40.19
DC COMICS – Mystery Of The Meanest Teacher A Johnny Constantine Graphic Novel TPB – $13.39
DC COMICS – New Gods Book One Bloodlines TPB – $46.89
DC COMICS – Poison Ivy Thorns TPB – $22.77
DC COMICS – Sensational Wonder Woman – $5.35
DC COMICS – Superman Red & Blue – $8.03
DC COMICS – Supermans Greatest Team-Ups Hardcover – $66.99
DC COMICS – Swamp Thing – $5.35
DC COMICS – Teen Titans Academy – $5.35
DC COMICS – Teen Titans Raven Hardcover – $26.79
DC COMICS – Tiny Titans Pet Club TPB – $13.39
DC COMICS – Wonder Woman Vol 4 The Four Horsewomen TPB – $40.19
DYNAMITE – Vampirella Vs Purgatori – $5.35
IDW PUBLISHING – TMNT Best Of Michelangelo – $8.03
IMAGE COMICS – Karmen (Mature) – $5.35
IMAGE COMICS – Nocterra (Mature) – $5.35
IMAGE COMICS – Shadecraft – $5.35
IMAGE COMICS – Ultramega By James Harren (Mature) – $10.71
IMAGE COMICS – Fall TPB Vol 01 (Mature) – $22.77
IMAGE COMICS – Friend Of The Devil Hardcover A Reckless Book (Mature) – $33.49
IMAGE COMICS – Big Girls TPB Vol 01 – $20.09
IMAGE COMICS – Inkblot TPB Vol 01 – $13.39
IMAGE COMICS – Scumbag TPB Vol 01 (Mature) – $13.39
IMAGE COMICS – Stillwater By Zdarsky & Perez TPB Vol 01 (Mature) – $22.77
IMAGE COMICS – Undiscovered Country TPB Vol 02 (Mature) – $22.77
KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT – Bidens Titans – $6.69
MAD CAVE STUDIOS – Nottingham – $5.35
MARVEL COMICS – King In Black Wiccan And Hulking #1 – $6.69
MARVEL COMICS – King In Black Ghost Rider #1 – $6.69
MARVEL COMICS – King In Black Spider-Man #1 – $6.69
MARVEL COMICS – King In Black Scream #1 – $6.69
MARVEL COMICS – Beta Ray Bill – $6.69
MARVEL COMICS – Thor And Loki Double Trouble – $5.35
MARVEL COMICS – Alien – $6.69
MARVEL COMICS – Black Knight Curse Ebony Blade – $5.35
MARVEL COMICS – Trials Of Ultraman – $6.69
MARVEL COMICS – Carnage Black White And Blood – $6.69
MARVEL COMICS – Silk – $5.35
MARVEL COMICS – Captain America Anniversary Tribute #1 – $8.03
MARVEL COMICS – Demon Days X-Men #1 – $6.69
MARVEL COMICS – Deadpool Nerdy 30 #1 – $8.03
MARVEL COMICS – Avengers Curse Man-Thing #1 – $6.69
MARVEL COMICS – Warhammer 40k Marneus Calgar TPB – $24.11
MARVEL COMICS – Namor Sub-Mariner Epic Collection TPB Enter Sub-Mariner – $53.59
ONI PRESS INC. – Jonna And The Unpossible Monsters – $5.35
ONI PRESS INC. – Rick And Morty Presents Jerryboree – $6.69
Other Publishers – Night Hunters – $6.69
Other Publishers – Power Rangers Unlimited Heir To Darkness – $10.71
Other Publishers – Proctor Valley Road (Mature) – $5.35
Other Publishers – Firefly Brand New Verse – $6.69
Other Publishers – Jim Hensons Storyteller Tricksters – $6.69
Other Publishers – Vietnam Horror – $5.35
Other Publishers – Destiny NY – $5.35
Other Publishers – Amber Blake Operatin Dragonfly One Shot – $10.71
Other Publishers – Cold Dead War (Mature) – $5.35
Other Publishers – Starward – $4.01
Other Publishers – Catdad & Supermom An Elephant Never Forgets – $5.35
Other Publishers – Create A Comic One Shot – $5.35
Other Publishers – Wild Bull & Chipper – $2.67
Other Publishers – Book Of Lyaxia – $5.35
Other Publishers – The Edge – $5.35
Other Publishers – Lady Freedom – $5.35
Other Publishers – Revenants Zombies On A Train (Mature) – $6.69
SCOUT COMICS – Impure – $5.35
SCOUT COMICS – Midnight Western Theater – $5.35
SCOUT COMICS – Rabid World – $5.35
SCOUT COMICS – Tart Soul Searchers One Shot – $8.03
SOURCE POINT PRESS – Cult Of Dracula – $5.35
SOURCE POINT PRESS – Spaced Out One Shot – $5.35
TITAN COMICS – Minions Sports – $5.35
VAULT COMICS – Witchblood – $5.35
ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT INC – Van Helsing Black Annis One Shot – $8.03
ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT INC – Belle King Of Serpents One Shot – $8.03