Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the shop, not a creature was stirring, not even a Yop.

While Taras in his hat, and me with a float, had just settled down for a morning promote.

When what to our wondering eyes should appear, but some miniature Code Elves with eight tiny reindeer!

They moved so quick, those cody-young elves, and I laughed when I saw them in spite of myself.

“Update from master, select string where column is like something awesome.” I heard them say, and I knew that something good would be promoted that day!

When away those elves left, from my favourite website, an update was behind, that was sure to delight!

Even on Christmas Eve the Code Elves and I are hard at work. Here’s what we updated today.

  • As a store owner I want to links directly to my store
  • As a store owner I want more control over the colours of my theme
  • As a store owner, I want to change the default sort for customers
  • As a store owner, I want to sort subscriptions by product in the customer subscription view
  • As a store owner, I want to make address optional when adding a new customer from Admin.
  • As a store owner, I want to let my customers to Pay by Square.
  • As a store owner, I only want to receive about removed comics, rather than multiple emails whenever things are deleted.
  • As a store owner, I want to mark an order as paid right from the pulled status, and not have it recorded in my sales tax report (as they will be dealt with via cash register)
  • As a store owner, I want different statuses for how orders are paid.
  • As a store owner, I want the option for a customer to get an email about when their comics are pulled
  • As NorthIQ, or as a store, if I don’t want to add something from the database, I should be able to ignore it so it doesn’t keep showing up.

PLUS, some goodness, that will make managing Manage Comics easier for me!

  • As NorthIQ, I want to be able to import content easier into the database — auto generate SKU’s
  • As NorthIQ, I want to see which stores added items in the Global Database
  • As NorthIQ I want a different dashboard than Stores have.
  • As NorthIQ when I am creating a store, I want to automagically add navigation links for “Recently Added” and “Most Popular”.
  • As NorthIQ, I want to see the number of customers a store has.
  • As NorthIQ, I want to be able to disable a store when they leave us.
  • As NorthIQ, I want to edit Featured Slides and Nav Items right from the “View Store” interface.

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Manage Comics Webinar

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