Happy Star Wars Day fellow travellers of the four colour margins. This month at Manage Comics, we added 104 new comics, TPB’s and Graphic Novels to the Network.

As usual, we’ve added the items we think that your customers will most want to see, we curate that list, and cull it frequently so that your customers don’t need to drink from the firehose every time they want to add a comic, and they will see the most important things that they want to subscribe to.

July will put us knee deep in what again promises to be a blockbuster movie season, but we’ll also see a ton of great comics coming out, and we’re here to shine a spotlight on those comics.

The May 2018 Highlights:

The Previews spotlight this month is on the all new Captain America #1 by Ta-Nehsi Coates and Lenil Francis Yu, who promise to usher in an all new era for Steve Rogers and his supporting cast.  Farmhand #1 by Rob Guillory the creator of Chew focuses on Jedidiah Jenkins, a farmer who grows fast-healing, plug-and play human organs…as well as other things down on his farm.

Archie meets Batman ’66 – Archie Comics, What dastardly deception is this? A diabolical disaster in Gotham City affects Riverdale USA, and the Dynamic Duo meet Archie Andrews and his gang. Batman ’66 writer Jeff Parker joins forces with Michael Moreci and legendary Archie artist Dan Parent for a can’t miss crossover.

She Could Fly – Dark Horse, Luna Brewster is a 15 year old who has problems dealing with life. When a mysterious woman takes to the skies over Chicago, Luna finds meaning, and maybe even a purpose in this new series by Christopher Cantwell, the showrunner of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark – DE, Elvira’s back. The legendary B-Movie hostess becomes unmoored in time and embarks on a grand adventure through monster history. Her first stop? Geneva 1816, where Mary Shelley is creating Frankenstein. Elvira’s journey is spine tingling and campy.

Project Superpowers – DE, One of the most ambitious superhero tales of 2018 starts here with a specially priced zero issue from Rob Williams and Sergio Davila.

Catwoman – DC Comics, The wedding night is barely over, and already Catwoman is back on the streets exposing a copycat who is pulling heists all around Gotham City. With villains and the GCPD all on her tail, will Selina Kyle have enough lives to make it through her latest adventures? Written and illustrated by Eisner Award Nominee Joelle Jones.

Justice League Dark – DC Comics, From the pages of Justice League: No Justice – a new team of misfits including Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Man Bat and Detective Chimp battle enemies too fantastic for even the Justice League.

Justice League Odyssey – DC Comics, Spinning out of Justice League, No Justice, a new Justice League team including Cyborg, Starfire, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, and Azreal launches into space to stop Despero from enslaving Coluan refugees.

Big Hero Six – IDW, Straight from the screen comes the new Disney XD TV series as we rejoin Hiro, Wasabi, Go Go, Honey Lemon, Baymax and Fred for all new adventures!

Transformers Unicron – IDW, Unicron is back, and rampaging through the stars. With earth now in his path, how will the Transformers defeat the ancient, unstoppable terror. Will even the origins of the Transformers be able to offer a solution to the problem of a being out to devour the universe?

Unnatural – Image Comics, Welcome to the colourful but terrible world of Mirka Andolfo’s hit Italian series, full of anthromoporphic creatures but light on personal freedoms.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 – Marvel Comics, Nick Spencer (Secret Empire) and Ryan Ottley (Invincible) join forces to put a brand new spin on Peter Parker’s adventures as Spider-Man’s past and present collide putting everything he loves in jeopardy. It’s Spider-Man back to basics, and into the future.

Cosmic Ghost Rider – Marvel Comics, from the pages of Thanos. Frank Castle was the Punisher, but a deal with the devil made him Ghost Rider…now he’s back on an even crazier adventure than he’s ever been in before.

Life of Captain Marvel – Marvel Comics, This is it! The Definitive Origin of Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers was just a girl from Boston until a chance encounter with a Kree Hero changed her life forever. Written by best selling author Margaret Stohl and illustrated by Carlos Pacheo.

X-23 – Marvel Comics, Laura Kinney is back and in her own series after a stint as MU’s Wolverine. She returns to her roots to make sure nobody ever has to go through what she went through.

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May 2018 New Comics

May 2018 New Comics

New Products:

AFTERSHOCK COMICS – Clankillers – $3.99
AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS – Zorro Swords Of Hell Martinez – $3.99
AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS – Stargate Atlantis Universe Anthology – $3.99
AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS – Underdog & Pals Galvan – $3.99
ASPEN MLT INC – Dissension War Enteral – $3.99
ASPEN MLT INC – Nu Way – $3.99
BOOM! STUDIOS – Jim Henson Beneath Dark Crystal – $3.99
BOOM! STUDIOS – Bone Parish – $3.99
BOOM! STUDIOS – Ruinworld – $3.99
BOOM! STUDIOS – Thrilling Adventure Hour – $3.99
D. E. – Project Superpowers – $0.10
D. E. – Elvira Mistress Of Dark – $3.99
D. E. – Switch Electricia Hardcover – $19.99
DARK HORSE COMICS – Quantum Age From World Of Black Hammer – $3.99
DARK HORSE COMICS – She Could Fly (Mature) – $4.99
DARK HORSE COMICS – Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 Crisis Midlife & Stories – $3.99
DARK HORSE COMICS – Starcraft Scavengers – $3.99
DC COMICS – Catwoman – $3.99
DC COMICS – DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Special – $9.99
DC COMICS – Justice League Dark – $3.99
DC COMICS – Justice League Odyssey – $3.99
DC COMICS – Injustice Vs He Man & Masters of the Universe – $3.99
DC COMICS – Aquaman TPB By Peter David Book 02 – $29.99
DC COMICS – Batman By Doug Moench And Kelley Jones Hardcover Volume 02 – $49.99
DC COMICS – Batman The Caped Crusader TPB Volume 01 – $29.99
DC COMICS – Batman The Golden Age Omnibus Hardcover Volume 06 – $125.00
DC COMICS – Crisis On Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Hardcover Volume 01 – $75.00
DC COMICS – Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II Hardcover – $24.99
DC COMICS – Deadman TPB – $16.99
DC COMICS – Exit Stage Left The Snagglepuss Chronicles TPB – $16.99
DC COMICS – Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica Hardcover – $24.99
DC COMICS – Harley Quinn TPB Volume 06 Angry Bird Rebirth – $19.99
DC COMICS – JSA By Geoff Johns TPB Book 02 – $24.99
DC COMICS – Legion Of Super Heroes The Silver Age TPB Volume 01 – $24.99
DC COMICS – New Gods By Jack Kirby TPB – $29.99
DC COMICS – New Teen Titans TPB Volume 09 – $19.99
DC COMICS – Scalped TPB Book 03 (Mature) – $24.99
DC COMICS – Tales Of The Batman Gerry Conway Hardcover Volume 02 – $49.99
IDW PUBLISHING – Transformers Unicron – $4.99
IDW PUBLISHING – Real Science Adventures Nicodemus Job – $3.99
IDW PUBLISHING – Big Hero Six – $3.99
IDW PUBLISHING – Star Trek The Next Generation Terra Incognita – $3.99
IDW PUBLISHING – X-Files Case Files Hoot Goes There – $3.99
IDW PUBLISHING – Euthanauts – $3.99
IMAGE COMICS – Farmhand (Mature) – $3.99
IMAGE COMICS – Unnatural (Mature) – $3.99
IMAGE COMICS – Aphrodite V (Mature) – $3.99
IMAGE COMICS – New Lieutenants Of Metal – $3.99
IMAGE COMICS – New World (Mature) – $4.99
IMAGE COMICS – Outpost Zero – $4.99
IMAGE COMICS – Further Adventures Of Nick Wilson TPB Volume 01 (Mature) – $16.99
IMAGE COMICS – Memoirs Of A Very Stable Genius TPB – $19.99
IMAGE COMICS – Sleepless TPB Volume 01 – $16.99
IMAGE COMICS – Sugar TPB Volume 01 (Mature) – $9.99
IMAGE COMICS – VS TPB Volume 01 (Mature) – $16.99
IMAGE COMICS – Witchblade TPB Volume 01 (Mature) – $16.99
MARVEL COMICS – Life Of Captain Marvel – $4.99
MARVEL COMICS – Cosmic Ghost Rider – $3.99
MARVEL COMICS – X-23 – $4.99
MARVEL COMICS – Death Of Inhumans – $4.99
MARVEL COMICS – X-Men Grand Design Second Genesis – $5.99
MARVEL COMICS – Wakanda Forever X-Men – $4.99
MARVEL COMICS – Infinitys Wars Prime – $4.99
MARVEL COMICS – Marvel Rising Squirrel Girl Ms Marvel – $5.99
MARVEL COMICS – X Classified – $3.99
MARVEL COMICS – MMW Mighty Thor Hardcover Volume 17 – $75.00
MARVEL COMICS – Star Wars TPB Volume 08 Mutiny At Mon Cala – $17.99
MARVEL COMICS – Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Lord Sith Hardcover Volume 01 – $34.99
MARVEL COMICS – Venomized TPB – $17.99
MARVEL COMICS – Old Man Hawkeye TPB Volume 01 An Eye For Eye – $17.99
MARVEL COMICS – Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man TPB Volume 03 Amazing Fantasy – $15.99
MARVEL COMICS – Rise Of The Black Panther TPB – $17.99
MARVEL COMICS – Destroyer By Robert Kirkman TPB – $24.99
MARVEL COMICS – Captain Marvel Carol Danvers TPB Volume 02 Ms Marvel Years – $39.99
MARVEL COMICS – Cloak And Dagger TPB Predator And Prey – $39.99
MARVEL COMICS – Wolfpack Complete Collection TPB – $39.99
MARVEL COMICS – Spider-Girl Complete Collection TPB Volume 01 – $39.99
MARVEL COMICS – Daredevil Epic Collection TPB Root Of Evil – $39.99
MARVEL COMICS – Defenders Epic Collection TPB The New Defenders – $39.99
MARVEL COMICS – Fantastic Four Epic Collection TPB Coming Of Galactus – $39.99
MARVEL COMICS – Marvel Two In One Epic Collection TPB Cry Monster – $39.99
MARVEL COMICS – Thing And Human Torch By Dan Slott TPB – $34.99
MARVEL COMICS – Fantastic Four By Hickman Complete Collection TPB Volume 01 – $34.99
ONI PRESS INC. – Long Con – $3.99
Other Publishers – Archie Meets Batman 66 – $3.99
Other Publishers – Archies Big Book TPB Volume 04 Fairy Tales – $19.99
Other Publishers – Lady Mechanika La Belle Dame Sans Merci – $3.99
Other Publishers – Invasion Character File Canada Day – $1.99
Other Publishers – Disney The Little Mermaid One Shot – $4.99
Other Publishers – Midnight Task Force – $3.99
Other Publishers – Long Live Pro Wrestling – $3.99
Other Publishers – Mall – $3.99
Other Publishers – Lucky Man Bracelet Chronicles – $3.99
Other Publishers – Submerged – $3.99
TITAN COMICS – Doctor Who Road To 13th Dr 10th Dr Special – $3.99
TITAN COMICS – Deadlife – $5.99
VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT LLC – Britannia Lost Eagles Of Rome – $1.70
VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT LLC – Shadowman (2018) TPB Volume 01 Fear Of The Dark – $9.99
ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT INC – Revenge Of Wonderland – $3.99
ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT INC – Grimm Fairy Tales Presents 2018 Cosplay Special – $5.99