We regularly make updates to Manage Comics to make it a better product. This week we focused on some usability changes that make navigation easier, and added a much requested feature — the ability for a customer to place a special order.

As a customer, I want to be able to place a special order and track it.

This is our big release for the quarter. This allows stores the ability to create and track special orders. We’ve fully fleshed this out in our help documentation. Manage Comics Help — Special Orders

As a store, I want to be able to see the proper information on the Customer Subscriptions page.

We were showing information in a strange order, now things are alphabetical, and show you current subscriptions only. It’s much cleaner.

As a store owner I would like to be able to sort by title or sort by customer name for pulls.

When pulls are done, some stores like to sort by product title with all of the subscribers under rather than by customer with all of their titles. You can do that now!

As a store, when creating a new product, please make a couple of changes to the add a product.

This was all about streamlining how a store can add a product to their website.

As a store owner, I want to understand the settings page a little more.

Our settings page was getting a little messy, so we sub-divided it a bit better, and are writing some help documentation around the hard things like adding payment gateways.

As a store owner I would like a better navigation experience for settings.

Our navigation was getting a little bit crazy, so we streamlined it (you can see the navigation settings in our cover image here).

911 — Do not send any emails through the system to address that are from managecomics.com

For stores that are importing customers without email addresses, we input a fake email address that resolves to @managecomics.com the only problem is that it was decreasing the quality score of our email account, so we simply don’t send emails to those users.

As a store owner subscription adjustment days are wrong when I add a subscription.

This was a bug that was only affecting people using the default dates on our admin subscriptions pages.

Products that are Discount Exempt are showing up on the front end with the discount applied.

A small bug that was only affecting the front end, but we squashed it anyway!

Those are our big changes for the latest release, we also doubled the size, speed and capacity of our servers to handle all of the new Manage Comics customers.

So, what do you think of our latest changes? Let us know!