Manage Comics — V1.70 — estimated for February 5th

This is just a quick update, as a follow up to last week’s post on our Manage Comics Roadmap, version 1.70 has been released, it was a couple of days later than our estimate due to our tireless Code Elves getting the flu, but we’re very happy with this release.

In addition to squashing several bugs, we’ve also added a subscription import tool so that I can easily add customers and subscription titles to a store.

Here are the highlights:

  • When you add an adjustment to a store, it will now show up in the pull lists as Adjustment — Titlename — Price.
  • When you remove a title from your store, it will not show back up like a forgotten ex.
  • The pulls page now shows by Company Name instead of Sku (since we are depreciating the SKU throughout the site).
  • The customer page now has the option for two new fields, Custom ID and Notes. Both of these fields show up on the pull lists, as well as on the Customer Lists, and the Customer record.
  • The non-logged in wording has been changed a little bit to make a little more sense.

Also, we squashed a bug as a non-bug,

As a store, Changing Subscription Adjustment Days does not change it for my store. V: 100, E: 3, ROI: 100

It turns out this was fine, and it was just a miscommunication with the store in question.

The full list of Manage Comics 1.70 Improvements:

  • As a Store I need to be able to set my currency V: 100, E: 1, ROI: 100
    BUG — As a store, adjustments show up on my pull list strangely V: 100, E: 1, ROI: 100
  • BUG — As a store, if I delete a product, it should not show back up as “not in my store” V: 100, E: 1, ROI: 100
  • BUG — Customers on the subscriptions list are not scoped to store V: 100, E: 1, ROI: 100
  • BUG — As a store, the pull page is showing by sku instead of company name V: 100, E: 1, ROI: 100
  • On the customer record, would like two new fields, which will also show up on pull lists. V: 100, E: 3, ROI: 33
  • As NorthIQ I would like to be able to import customers for a store: V:100, E:3, ROI: 33.3
  • As NorthIQ I would like to be able to import customer subs for a new store V: 100, E: 3, ROI: 33
  • As a store I would like to change the Wording on the Home Page V: 13, E: 1, ROI: 13