LAST UPDATED: July 18th, 9:48am ET.

Product Reservations is something we have wanted to do with Manage Comics since we before we launched, and we created a hack to get around this issue until Shopify made product reservations available within the app and via the API.

Once this integration was stable on Shopify, we began the figuring out what would be required to make this happen.

UPDATE – This upgrade will now happen on Thursday July 18th with some significant changes to the migration process.

We will update you with when this will launch shortly.

Stay tuned to our social media channels to see updates.

The Steps You Will Need To Take When We Go Live

After we promote the code, each store will need to migrate their own data, this only takes between 2-10 minutes and is an integral part of the process. Doing this yourself means that each store will be accessing Shopify resources through Manage Comics at different times, and we won’t end up getting locked out from making bulk changes.

These warnings will not appear until Thurday July 18th at 8pm ET.

Step 1 – Begin the Migration

When the upgrade begins, you’ll be asked to push the big red button on the Customer Activity page (the first page that loads when you log in to Manage Comics).

This will alert the Manage Comics team that your migration is in progress, and will start the process.

Until you complete this migration, the POS Order Helper, Check-Ins and Customer Orders will be unavailable to you.

Step 2 – Migration in Progress

Your Migration is in progress, it will take between 2-10 minutes to complete

The POS Order Helper, Check-Ins and Customer Orders will are currently unavailable to you.

Step 3 – Success!

Your migration worked!  Read the rest of this blog post to see what this means for you!

The Manage Comics team gets an alert that this is all done and you are good to go!

OH NO! It failed!

Your migration failed, the Manage Comics team has already been alerted, but you can still fill in the Contact Us form. Look for a request to access your site from the Manage Comics team as it’s likely already there!

Until we fix the error, the POS Order Helper, Check-Ins and Customer Orders will be unavailable to you.

All About the Product Reservation in Shopify Enhancement

To get you ready for the changes, we’ve written this blog post to show you what we’ve done.

Our latest enhancement to Manage Comics – Product Reservation is an enhancement of the Manage Comics Shopify app to use Shopify’s Product Reservation feature to reserve copies of comics for subscription and pre-order purposes. These reserved copies are now managed by the Manage Comics 2 Subscriptions application to simplify product management online and reduce errors with draft orders.

This project will expand upon the stability of Manage Comics and transform the way that we reserve product by relying on Shopify’s built-in feature to make products unavailable (or reserved).

With this project, Manage Comics now has the ability to

  1. Reserve pre-order and subscription products on check-in into the main product listing.
  2. Adjust reserved products as they are checked out.
  3. Reserve products to specific orders when Manage Comics creates draft orders.
  4. Allow for the use of reserved products with the Manage Comics Order Helper.

Watch the entire Product Reservation in Shopify via Manage Comics episode of Meanwhile…at Manage Comics below, or keep reading to see all of the details!

Important update – in this video we make mention of 9am ET Thursday July 11.  That time has been changed to 5pm ET Thursday July 11.

Product Reservations in Action:

What happens when you Check products in?

We no longer have a separate (subscription) product for each product, now we have a single product with (Unavailable) QTY.

Product Reservation - what happens to the product?

Product Reservation – what happens to the product?

Billing an Order

After billing an invoice, the product is reserved by Shopify, and placed into a draft order.

Product Reservations - Billed Order on Manage Comics

Product Reservations – Billed Order on Manage Comics

That Draft Order reserves the specific products from that order, and reserves the products for 6 months from the date the order was created.

Product Reservations - A Draft Order in Action

Product Reservations – A Draft Order in Action

Using the Manage Comics Order Helper

The Manage Comics order helper looks for your items that are in the pulled or billed states for any customer (note, these are two separate states, and will both need to be added to the cart).

Manage Comics Order Helper View

Manage Comics Order Helper View

When adding items to the cart, Manage Comics requests that reserved copies be made available, and that those reserved copies be attributed to the order within the cart.

On adding to the cart, Manage Comics does the following within Shopify:

  1. QTY added to the Available QTY
  2. QTY removed from the Unavailable QTY

On Checkout, Shopify will:

  1. Commit +1 copy to committed, and simutaneously -1 copy from Available.
  2. -1 copy from committed, which -1 copy from On Hand.

Product Reservations - Anatomy of a Reservation

Product Reservations – Anatomy of a Reservation