I went live this week with the first Manage Comics thoughtstream, an informal weekly video cast where I talk about interesting and new things coming up with Manage Comics.

This week I started talking about eCommerce, and we worked through a few little kinks in the setup. This was really a live tech demo, getting out the kinks.

Going forward, the Uncanny Thoughtstream will go live every Thursday at 3pm ET.  Next week’s episode is already queued up and you can bookmark it right now – in true comic book fashion, issue #1 will be “The Secret Origin of Manage Comics”.

What did we talk about in issue #0?

  • The Manage Comics Blog – the things we talk about on the Manage Comics Blog.
  • Using Social Channels on Shopify – the Manage Comics Blog Post
  • March 2021 Manage Comics Previews – the blog post that goes on your store
  • A little bit about Pre-Authorized Payments and Manage Comics
  • Our Manage Comics Shopify Example Shop – take a look at some best practices around Shopify
  • The GeekFetch Shopify app (which isn’t quite ready for prime-time).
  • Looking at what makes a good Shopify Product listing, and how GeekFetch makes that better
  • Some behind the scenes on how hard it is to get data on items like Batman Fortnite Zero Point