Manage Comics, a subscription management tool for comic shops, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with BinderPOS, a point of sale system for the games industry with a focus on the collectable card game market.

Manage Comics is currently developing tools to integrate with BinderPOS and allow stores to easily add comics products to their online presence and sync up with the BinderPOS platform. Hobby stores will now be able to easily sell comics, games and cards through a single powerful solution. They plan to release these tools in the next 30 days.

“BinderPOS has an amazing product that fills a need for hobby stores, while Manage Comics helps store owners manage their ongoing comics subscriptions,” said Brian Garside, the founder of Manage Comics. The partnership enables BinderPOS and Manage Comics to join their individual products into a powerful combo that will help stores save time and make more money. “We share a similar philosophy and desire to help comics and games stores not only survive, but thrive in today’s drastically changed environment,” adds Joshua Grant, BinderPOS co-founder and CEO.

BinderPOS enables stores to manage both online and offline sales through an in-store point of sale (POS) system and an online Shopify-powered website. The platform combines an in-depth collectible card game singles database featuring automated pricing updates, with powerful buy/sell tools, social media integration, analytics and reporting, and an event management suite in one system.

Manage Comics brings more than 15 years of development and deep comics industry product knowledge to the partnership. Store owners across North America use the Manage Comics system to manage their customer comic subscriptions, improve ordering, simplify weekly product allocation tasks, market new and future releases, and increase cash flow through integrated invoicing options.

About Manage Comics:
Manage Comics is an online subscription management tool for comic stores that helps them improve ordering, increase customer satisfaction, and make more money managing and selling the more than 3500 individual products available to comic shops monthly. Learn more about Manage Comics at

About BinderPOS:
Using a database of nearly five million products including singles for Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and other TCG’s, BinderPOS allows retailers to buy, sell, and trade within a single transaction and manage inventory in-store and online. Learn more about BinderPOS at

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