On Saturday, February 13th, Manage Comics took part in the BinderPOS LGS Con, celebrating local game stores.

We took some time to talk about one of our real passions – marketing for comic and game stores with a presentation we called “Optimizing Hybrid Retail and Recurring Revenue”.

At the LGS Con, we talked about a number of things that your online presence needs to do:

  • The importance of Google My Business
  • The basics of SEO
  • How to find customers who want to buy from you
  • Simple, repeatable demand generation
  • Why an email list is vital
  • The benefits of Landing Pages
  • Simple social media management

We had some great engagement during the LGS Con, and we answered questions in real time as they were asked including:

  • What’s the one thing someone should do right now to improve their search rankings?
  • What landing page generator would you recommend?
  • How can I streamline and even automate my social media?

We also talked a little bit about Manage Comics, and some of our plans for the future.

We think you’ll get a ton out of this 50 minute presentation, and our friends at BinderPOS have made it available online. Thanks so much to our partners at both BinderPOS and Channel Fireball for the opportunity to talk to game stores about the things we think are important.

If you want to get your store found, be sure to check out our Shopify solutions, we’ll get your store up and running quickly and efficiently.